OK, this is not really a blog; It is a journal. This journal isn't real. It's just made up and is complete fiction. Let us begin. I got the idea of writing a journal from Artemis Fowl Confidential.

Place: Island of Hybras, Limbo.

Time: Time doesn't exist here!

Maybe coming to Limbo was a bad idea. Everywhere I look I see demons and imps. I am hiding in some bushes. Not bushes, I have no idea what they are. I can see the volcano from here. It is not too far from where I currently hide. I knew doing research on demons would be very risky. But this was the oppurtunity of a lifetime. How could I resist such a deadly and breathtaking offer? I know that if I come even close to a demon, I would get incapacitated by their lovely claws. Demons hate humans. Everyone knows that, or do they? Ever since I got to Limbo about 4 hours ago (according to my wrist watch), I feel like they can smell me. I have taken extra caution and have worn an LEP helmet so I can see any warm bodies coming close to me in my hiding place. I am currently writing a paper on the demons and their unusual lifestyle. I have heard quite a lot of stories on these specimens. Mostly about Leon Abbott, their so called leader. I will update as soon as I'll get the chance.

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