(This is a fan made crossover with The Loud House. It is also the beginning of a trilogy of fanfiction which crossover with The Loud House. This is also a tribute to JD's Loud house with his OC fanfictions. This is also part one.)

*A limousine pulls into Royal Woods and Artemis steps out*

Artemis: *speaking to the viewers* Hey guys! We finally moved into Royal Woods!

*Artemis walks to a house which is full to the brim with sound and noises* 

Artemis: Hm.......I- *he crashes into a white haired boy* GAH!

*Holly takes out her neutrino 90000 and deactivates her shield* Holly: here we go!

???: Don't hurt me!

*Holly decides to not Hurt the kid and throws her neutrino 90000 into a trashcan which explodes*

???: Hi! I'm Lincoln!

  • Lincoln gets up* Lincoln: Who are you?

Artemis: I'm Artemis Fowl! Holly: I'm Holly Short!

*they all walk into the house*

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