• I live in New Zealand
  • My occupation is It involves writing and editing reports...
  • I am probably napping

I am a student in New Zealand. I have been a huge fan of the Artemis Fowl books since they came out. On this wiki I am mostly going to be fixing grammar and making everything a consistent style.

Things I want to do:

This list is just here as a reminder for myself. I keep thinking of things as I read through the books and I'm not sure if they are good ideas or not. Feel free to do any of the things listed, or tell me why they aren't a good idea.

Pages I think might need creating, but I'm not sure

  • Omnitool
  • Page about the troll in the restaurant in bk1 (event, not sure if it has a name)
  • Disneyland, Paris (p43ish, book 1)
  • Eiriu - the old country, the land where time began (p44ish, bk1)
  • De Danann - ancient fairy race battled against the demon Formorians, creatign the giants causeway (p.44ish, bk1) + other histoy info around that area
  • GolemWorld pp30ish bk1
  • Stefan Bashkir and his chaperone and chess move, pp40 bk2

Things to tidy up

  • Mentioned characters category
  • The 3 softnose pages
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