Turnball Root is Julius Root's infamous older brother. In The Artemis Fowl Files, he is shown to be a criminal and former captain of the Lower Elements Police. He attempted to flood a part of Haven City to kill a competitor, and escaped imprisonment at the hands of Julius Root after the incident. An honest man with intentions to benefit himself; his methods of conduct disregard the livelihood of those he considers insignificant, hence he appears to be evilly inclined.

He attempted to ambush Julius during Holly Short's initiation and force him into a human dwelling to take away his magical powers. In the plot, his two minions were Unix, a loyal, maimed Sprite who had lost use of his wings in a nearly fatal incident with a troll, Ching Mayle, a known goblin criminal, and Bob, a dwarf. Although he had carefully planned the ambush, Turnball was outwitted and arrested.

He remains in jail until he escapes, serving as the primary antagonist in the book The Atlantis Complex, where he wants to restore youth to his aging human wife, Leonor Carsby. He loves her more than life itself, and therefore attempts to use No1's powers as a demon warlock to extend her lifespan. When breaks out of prison in a ruthless attack with the help of , wrecks one of Foaly's probes by turning against the LEP, and subsequently attacks Atlantis to retrieve Number One to fulfill his goal.

Turnball captures Mulch, Juliet and Domovoi Butler, Foaly, Artemis, and Holly and burns a magical rune that makes Holly and Artemis his slaves on their necks. However, Mulch breaks free of the amorphobots hold and Foaly sets the others free (though Artemis is unconscious from electric shock). They all go down in Turnball's shuttle through the umbilical, and are confronted by him and his minions, which incapacitate Butler and Juliet, and thinking the battle is won, are dispatched by Orion, who was freed from Artemis' phyque by the electric shock sustained earlier. Turnball, seeing his scheme is ruined beyond repair and after informing them his shuttle is rigged to blow in five minutes, goes to his wife and they both pilot the shuttle away. Their shuttles bomb explodes, resulting in Leonor and Turnball's deaths.

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