Artemis Fowl holding the book


The Book of the People (or simply the Book) is the ancient fairy holy book created by King Frond that lists the People's secrets, traditions, and powers. It is very much like a bible to the fairies.

First Appearance

In the first book, Artemis Fowl II reads the Book of the fairies. Artemis gained the information about the possible whereabouts of a fairy with such a book from a man named Nguyen Xuan, who responded to an Internet query that Artemis had posted. Artemis then took the Book from a Fairy healer, who traded a half hour of looking at the Book for her life and the return of her magic. Artemis Fowl II uses the Book against the People for their gold.


If someone touches a copy of the Book without the permission of its owner, it spontaneously combusts. It is described as a "tiny golden volume the size of a matchbox". It is inscribed in the fairy language of Gnommish. Which Artemis Fowl II learns how to read fairly quickly. Soon enough, the young boy learns most secrets, traditions, and powers of the People.

Findings Inside The Book

In the Book, one can find: the rules that control the life of a fairy, how to complete The Ritual, the history of the fairies, official LEP procedures, and other vital things. One rule, for example, is the Rule of Dwelling.

Text in the Book

As you read the first book, you shall find that it will state a part of the Book on pages 26–28. In Gnommish AND in English:

Carry me always, carry me well.

I am thy teacher of thy herb and spell.

I am thy link to power arcane.

Forget me and thy magick shall wane.

Ten times ten commandents there be.

They will answer every mystery.

Curses, cures, and alchemy;

These secrets shall be thine through me.

But, Fairy, remember this above all:

I am not for those in mud that crawl,

And forever doomed shall be the one

Who betrays my secrets one by one.

The people's Bible in Gnommish

What the first few paragraphs look like in gnommish.

History of the people

The history of the people that Eoin Colfer chose to use was based on Irish folklore or Gaelic mythology. Most notably in the first book he described a race of the people as Tuatha D'e Danann. A race that had magic powers and prior to their arrival in ireland there lived another race(Fir Bolg) but the De Danann kicked them out.Later the De Danann were kicked out by another race symbolized by humans in Colfer's series, and there the myth degrades.

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