The Artemis Fowl Files is a supplement book to the Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer. It contains two short stories, one containing the story of Holly Short's LEPrecon initiation, which was almost sabotaged by Commander Root's brother, Turnball Root. The second one contains a story about a heist between Artemis Fowl and Mulch Diggums to steal a tiara with an enormous jewel on it. Artemis tells Mulch that the gem will be used for a new laser he is developing, but when he gets it, he mounts it on a pendant to give to his mother as a reminder of his father and as a promise to find him.

The book also includes a spotter's guide for the People, interviews with the book's main characters as well as one with Eoin Colfer, a "report card" of Artemis', containing comments from his teachers, mainly expressing their frustration with his incredible mental ability. It has diagrams of some of Foaly's inventions, a crossword and word search, and a translation of the Gnommish alphabet, along with a secret message to use it with. This translation guide can also be used to translate Gnommish text along the bottom margins of the original book.

Secret Message

On pages 74-76, there is a text in Gnommish which reads:

When a fairy is trapped above ground, without magic, it is best to avoid contact with humans. Hide in the shallows of a river as humans, especially children, do not like to wash themselves. Drape yourself with the skin of a sheep or goat as humans are often not clever enough to notice. If you are cornered by a human, slap the ground with the flat of your hand, as this will often frighten the Mud Men away. If this is unsuccessful, admit that you are a fairy and humans, being cynical creatures will think that you are a friend in a costume, trying to make a fool of them. If all this fails, then ask the human if you could possibly borrow some money and the Mud Man will flee with great speed, and never seek you out again.

The front cover of the US version translates to:

Carry me always carry me well. I am thy teacher of herb and spell.

On the British cover the text translates as: Artemis Fowl.

On the US book on the bottom of the pages, the Gnommish text reads The Artemis Fowl files. The text on the cover reads Top secret.

The Seventh Dwarf

Main page: Artemis Fowl: The Seventh Dwarf

The Seventh Dwarf is a short story included as part of The Artemis Fowl Files.

Plot Summary

Artemis Fowl lures Mulch Diggums, a dwarf, to work with him to steal a tiara for a laser he is developing. A band of other dwarfs, using a circus as their cover have already stolen the tiara. The other dwarfs, led by Sergei the Significant, are planning to sell it to a jewelry fence. Captain Holly Short is on a break pending a tribunal after the Fowl Manor Incident, but Foaly tells her that the LEP have been alerted by Mulch Diggum's stolen helmet, about Artemis Fowl. Holly immediately heads to Ireland and confronts the dwarfs. Soon after Holly has tagged all of the dwarfs in Sergei's band, she chases Artemis and Mulch. Mulch and Artemis soon split with Artemis promising to write Mulch a cheque for the tiara. Holly chases after Artemis and demands the tiara and a LEP helmet from him. Artemis gives her the LEP helmet but keeps the tiara. Holly forces Artemis to give her the tiara, and then he hands it over. Later on we learn that Artemis switched the gemstone in the tiara with a fake one. He gives the real one to his mother because it reminds her of Artemis's father, specifically, the color of his eyes.

Report Card

On pages 98 and 99, there is a report card from Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen with teachers' comments for Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Social & Personal Development. All of Artemis's teachers, however, complain about how he interrupts, or refuses to socialise with the rest of the boys, enclosing that they request a pass for him next year to excuse him from their class.


  • In the interview with Foaly, he says about the goblin revolution that everyone in Police Plaza would be shedding their skin two times a year if it wasn't for him. This is wrong, as Cudgeon's plan was to start the revolution against LEP, then "miraculously" give back power to the LEP weapons so the LEP would win, making Cudgeon the king of the fairy civilization.
  • Holly is mentioned to like the classics in her interview; Horri Antowitz is one of her favorite authors. This name has an uncanny resemblance to the author Anthony Horowitz.

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