Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident: The Graphic Novel is the second graphic novel in the Artemis Fowl series written by Eoin Colfer. This graphic novel is the sequel to Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel.


The story line in this graphic novel follows the same as the book, and starts out with a prologue, revealing the story behind how Artemis Fowl I was captured by the Russian Mafiya's henchmen, which sank Fowl Star, Artemis Fowl I's ship which were full of Cola he was going to sell to keep the Fowl family's fortune.

The next chapter shows Opal Koboi, the director of Koboi Labs, a company that has just upgraded all of the LEP's weapons and technology. She plans to make an alliance with Briar Cudgeon, a disfigured elf who was demoted and scarred by Julius Root in the events of the first book. Briar intends to take revenge on Root and promises that Opal will become his queen when he manages to take over Haven City.

Down the in The Lower Elements, the Goblins are going crazy, because a war between the Dwarf and Goblin gangs have begun.

Captain Holly Short, the first female captain of the LEPrecon (The Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance) finds some goblins with illegal weapons, known as Softnose Lasers. She confronts them and calls Commander Julius Root who appears with Foaly. They find out that there is much more behind it because the Softnoses have been rebuilt and modified to use human-made AAA batteries. Holly guesses that the plan must have been initiated by Artemis, as he is one of the few humans who have been in contact with fairies and not mind-wiped. They decide to kidnap and interrogate him.

Meanwhile, Artemis Fowl II is having a counseling session with the school counselor, Dr. Po. Po asks him if there is anyone he respects as an equal, and is still alive. Artemis is stumped for a while, when he receives a phone call from Butler, who shows him a short video sent by the Russian Mafia. The video shows his father tied to a chair in the middle of a blizzard. There is a sign around his neck saying 'hello, son' in Russian. Artemis decides to look for his father in Russia. On the way, Holly manages to bring Butler and Artemis to the Tara fairy chute, and they use a retina scan on Artemis to find out if he helped the goblin gangs, known as the B'wa Kell. He did not, and Commander Root and Captain Short make a deal with Artemis: they will help find his father in Russia if he will help them find out what is happening.

They then journey to Paris, where they find a human being controlled by the mesmer, Luc Carrere. He was sent a laptop-like object that was used by Opal Koboi to mesmerize him into finding her human AAA batteries. Butler managed to break the mesmer, leaving Carrere to wonder how he managed to obtain thousands of counterfeit euros. The group then heads to Russia. On the way, they are attacked by goblins. They force the group to retreat, as Opal has disabled all LEP weapons, only allowing Softnose lasers, the weapon of goblins, through. They collapse snow on them, trapping Butler and Root, and Holly and Artemis plan to use an incoming train to free them from the snow. They are successful, but while pulling Holly inside the train, Artemis accidentally slices her finger off. With no magic, Holly cannot heal herself, but Artemis remembers her idea for a sealed acorn and restores her magic and her finger.
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Another version of The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel front cover.

Meanwhile, Briar had imprisoned Foaly the centaur, in his own room, and made everyone in the Lower Elements believe that Foaly was the mind behind the attacks and battery plans. Foaly used Artemis's laptop to alert Root about Briar's plan, and also recorded Briar's gloating about his plans to murder Opal after he became king. The group decide to head back to Tara, though Artemis was disappointed because they were close to finding his father.

With the help of Mulch Diggums, they manage to break into Koboi Labs. Artemis made it to the room which Opal, Briar, and the goblin generals were inside. He made it there through vent full of orange plasma, used to power a cannon. Artemis managed to contact Foaly, and turned on the communications port at the centaur's instruction. He was then seen by Briar and Opal. Briar switched on the plasma cannon, but Foaly then played his recorded dialogue with Briar. In her rage, Opal pushed him into the range of the fully charged cannon, burning him to ashes.

Butler, Holly and Artemis then traveled to Russia again to try freeing Artemis Fowl's father, and they made it to the Russian Mafia Britva's henchmen, Mikhael Vassikin, and Kamar. They found some frozen atomic submarines, which in one of them, his father, Vassikin, and Kamar were inside. They pretended to shoot his father. Artemis then told them that he never wanted his father alive, and told them to go outside to collect the ransom. Once they did, then Holly flew inside the submarine and saved his father, who had fallen into the icy water. They brought him to a hospital in Helsinki. Holly then gave Artemis fairy coin which she had shot a hole in, as a reminder of how he could choose to be good. The story then ends with Artemis having another counseling session. Dr. Po asks if he had found someone he could respect while he was gone. Artemis thinks on the past few days before replying that he has.


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