Of the two pressure elevators that come out in the south of England, one comes out in London but is closed. The other comes out underneath the structure called Stonehenge.

Mud People have several theories as to the origins of the ancient structure, ranging from flying saucer landing port to pagan center of worship to more. The truth was far less glamorous, indeed.

The Truth

A gnome called Bog had realized how many tourists forgot their sandwiches on above ground jaunts and so had set up shop beside the shuttle terminal. A pizza shop.

It was a smooth operation. You drove up to one of the windows, named your toppings, and ten minutes later you were stuffing your face.

Bog had to shift his operation below ground once humans began talking in full sentences. All the cheese had been making the ground soggy; one of the service windows had even collapsed.

Difficulty for Visas

It was difficult for civilians to get visas to visit Stonehenge because of the constant activity on the surface. But hippies saw fairies every day and it never made the front page.

Dormant Chute

The Stonehenge chute had been dormant for over three hundred years. Not a spark. Customers were forced to take a commercial shuttle up.


  • Holly Short went up the shaft to get to London to heal Domovoi Butler after he was shot by Arno Blunt.
  • Holly also went to Stonehenge on a family holiday before that. It was one of the two times she had been on the surface before her initiation into LEPrecon.
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