"Sprites. They were all the same. Give a fairy a pair of wings and he thought he was irresistible."
―Holly Short
A Sprite is one of The People in the Artemis Fowl series.


Sprites are the only winged species of fairy. A sprite's wings are its biggest organ, containing 7 main arteries. They are around the same height as elves (3 feet or 1 meter 1 centimeter) and have orange eyes and pointy ears and green skin.


Sprites are the only fairies that have natural wings part of their body, as other fairies lost them due to evolution. They have magical powers, but they're limited to healing very minor wounds..


An LEP sprite on patrol in Haven

Personality and Behavior

Sprites have a generally optimistic and happy-go-lucky attitude. The males are known to be quite flirtatious, even outside their own species. It is easy to tell when a sprite is nervous, as they have a habit of hovering. They are quite daring and often attempt to use their flying abilities to impress others.

Notable Sprites

Chix Verbil is a notable sprite, as he is the first victim of the triads war and because he let Mulch Diggums steal a shuttle to help Holly. Another famous sprite is Unix B'lob, Turnball Root's right-hand fairy. Unix had his wings removed in a fight with a troll.

A known variant of the Sprite is the Water Sprite.

The Eight Fairy Families:


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