A cave troll is held in the middle of the LEP mobile command post during the siege of Fowl Manor

The Siege of Fowl Manor took place during the first Artemis Fowl novel in which Artemis Fowl II and Domovoi Butler kidnapped and held Captain Holly Short for ransom, demanding one ton of 24 carat gold, in small, unmarked ingots.[1] This resulted in (as standard procedure) the use of a Time-stop for negotiations and military action. Artemis stated in negotiations that no fairy kind (except that of Captain Short) had permission to enter his property as long as he was alive. This meant that if he was dead the LEP would have permission to enter the Manor. Commander Julius Root then formulated a plan to give in to the ransom, so that Holly would be released.[1] After this he would have a Bio Bomb detonated to kill Artemis, thus gaining permission to enter and retrieve the ransom back. This plan failed though as Artemis escaped the Time-stop--and eventually death--by drinking sleeping-pill tainted champagne and thus altering his state of consciousness, resulting in the LEP's 'book-barfing' or sudden illness when they enter his manor uninvited to retrieve the ransom.[1]





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