Section Eight or also known as Section 8 is an elite branch of the LEP which was founded 500 years ago by Nan Burdeh to track the activities of Demons.

Descriptions and Powers

Of all branches of the LEP, this is the most secret and powerful. Its power extends to the ability of throwing someone in a cell simply because they're annoying them. The preceding commander is Wing Commander Vinyáya, and there is no current commander. Its' technological advisor is the Centaur Foaly.

Recently, Section 8 has relocated the Demons back to Earth so that they don't interfere with the Mud Men. Unfortunately for Artemis Fowl II, this mission took 3 years to complete. The only other good thing to come of this is the fact that Ark Sool has been fired, to everyone's relief.

Section 8 technology

Section 8 has access to the most advanced technology in (and under) the world. Some of this is included in this list:

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