Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen is the private school Artemis Fowl II attends. It is located in County Wicklow, Ireland. The principal of the school is Dean Guiney.

In the Books

In The Arctic Incident, Artemis is shown with the school's counselor, Dr. Po, as the counselor tries to convince Artemis to open up to him and talk, to no avail. Artemis also plants a button camera in the Principal's office, and in The Opal Deception Artemis expresses his displeasure at not being able to view the principal's face after listening to the call that Artemis sends, because the camera only works within a mile radius.

Artemis also forges letters and calls from his mother to Saint Bartleby's telling of her outrage and that Artemis's attendance at the school may be terminated if they don't oblige to the Fowl's wishes. [1][2][3]


Notable Students


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