The Recon suit is a specialized combat and scouting uniform used by LEPrecon. They are always described as having certain core features such as thermal coils, helmet lights, sonix emitters, and possibly omnisensors as Artemis is able to cobble together the C Cube from leftover helmets that he and Butler took from Holly Short and LEPRetrieval one during the Fowl Manor siege.

Recon suit Mark I

The Mark I suit was the dominant suit used throughout the Siege Of Fowl Manor, B'wa Kell rebellion, and the mission to recover the C Cube. The suit had Microcoils to disperse or conserve heat. It could protect the wearer from Neutrino bursts and even Sonix bursts. Softnose lasers, on the other hand, could tear through an LEP uniform "like so much rice paper." When paired with a microfibre jumpsuit, it could protect the officer from bullets and other small-arms projectiles.

Recon suit Mark II

The Mark II suit was a huge improvement over the original design. It was designed by Foaly. Cam Foil was woven into the suit as an alternative to shielding. Wings with a lightweight design were built into the suit. Commander Julius Root noted that "it feels as though you're not wearing wings." A bulletproof plate was placed over the chest area in case a human shot the officer. The suit could also send back health data, including basic vitals data, core body temperature, how much magic the officer had left, blood pressure, diagnose broken bones, and even how dry the skin was. It can probably detect any malady.

Section 8 suit

The Section 8 suit was pretty much similar to the Mark II suit, but was matte black in color, and was lined with microwafers to remove the "heat haze" effect while shielding. Wings were also built into the suit, and they could be controlled through a joystick in the gloves. It is also known as the Shimmer Suit.

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