Vinyáya is a wing commander with the Lower Elements Police and a member of the fairy Council who blazed the trail for all females wanting to be involved with the LEP during her five-hundred-year career, doing everything from leading a LEPRetrieval team to the dark side of the moon, to heading the up the liberal vote on the fairy Council. Currently, she is an active member of the Council and secretly leads an organisation known as Section Eight, which is an elite branch of the LEP that mainly deals with keeping demon existance under wraps while also handling important missions.


Work at the LEP Academy

For a time, Vinyáya worked at the LEP Academy as a flight instructor and tutored Holly Short, and stated on her final assessment that "Cadet Short could fly a shuttle pod through the gap in your teeth," which was refering to Holly's first try-out in a pod when she'd lost control and landed the craft two metres from Vinyáya's nose.

Council Member

Vinyáya also served as a member of the Council, and during her time became an active supporter of Julius Root, who thought she had a thing for him, and possibly helped grant Commander Root the ton of gold he needed during the Artemis Fowl Affair.

She was also present during the B'wa Kell rebellion. When almost all LEP weapons had been disabled and the Council was hiding behind a wall of troops in Police Plaza, Vinyáya was out with the officers wielding an electric rifle until Foaly managed to bring the DNA cannons online and stun half of the goblins, and knock out the other half with subcutaneous sleepers.

After Opal Koboi had unknowingly escaped from the J. Argon Clinic and framed Holly for Commander Root's murder, Ark Sool was voted his replacement, though Vinyáya would certainly not have voted for him. Shortly after this, Foaly presented evidence that Koboi was behind the whole thing, and Vinyáya was eager to hear him out. After Foaly checked Holly's vitals from her new suit as she was believed to be dead, and actually kissed Vinyáya on the cheek before she asked where her former student was. It is also likely that Vinyáya attended Julius Root's recycling ceremony with the rest of the Council.

Work at Section Eight

Vinyáya's work at Section Eight then revealed a possible threat to the People. Foaly had since joined their organisation, and was keeping tabs on all possible demon materialization sites. One site, however, was whited out, and further investigation led them to believe this was caused by Artemis Fowl II. In response to this, Vinyáya cornered Holly Short (who had since quit from LEPrecon) and her partner Mulch Diggums with some agents while they were in the middle of capturing Doodah Day. Vinyáya told them she needed Holly's assistance, and gave he a slight teaser by telling her Fowl was involved and then escorted her back to Section Eight HQ in her stretch armoured vehicle, humoring Mulch and his tall tales along the way. Upon arrival, she took Holly to see Foaly and he explained that Artemis had somehow travelled 100 years into the past with a demon and return, while Vinyáya lost her temper with Mulch, threatening to put him in a cell for a couple of years. Finally, Holly agreed to come on board on a trial run. Later, during Holly's mission, Ark Sool confronted Vinyáya through his own source and she was forced to reveal all the details before the Council, and couldn't supply Holly with back-up when she needed it.

After the crisis was passed three years later, the demon warlock N°1 stayed at Section Eight Headquarters, and when Artemis Fowl requested his help to cure his ill mother, demanded to go up to the surface. But Vinyáya would only allow it as long as someone was there to hold his hand. The captain escorting N°1 did not appreciate this.


Vinyáya is a business-like woman who is fond of fairies like Holly Short and Julius Root who trust instinct and experience, and are not above shattering a few rules just as long as the job gets done. She also has a short temper, or is possibly very calm, as she cracked under the annoying nature of Mulch Diggums when no one else had, but the only other people there had had experience with Mulch before.


"Cadet Short could fly a shuttle through the gap in your teeth."
―Vinyáya's review of Holly's flying skills.[src]
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