Qwan was a demon warlock, and was strongest of the warlocks who formed the magic circle that transported Hybras to Limbo.

Battle of Taillte

When the fairies were defeated at the Battle of Taillte, the demons decided to transport their island to Limbo rather than go underground. Qwan was the leader of the evil demon warlocks who did the spell to lift Hybras out of time. Qwan and the other six warlocks harnessed the power of exploding volcano on Hybras to cast their spell. But when the spell was almost done two demons, N'zall and Bludwin, jumped towards the ring of warlocks to try and stop the spell. Though Bludwin missed the ring, he fell into the volcano and tainted the spell, but N'zall caught hold of Qwan's apprentice, Qweffor, and they both fell into the lava. Due to this the magic circle was broken and Hybras transported without the warlocks. The warlocks were thrown into the air and would have been killed had Qwan not had the presence of mind to use the gargoyle's touch to turn them all to stone. Though the others died, Qwan survived and remained stuck as a statue for thousands of years.

Taipei 101

Ten thousand years later Qwan and the other warlocks were found off the coast of Ireland. Their statue was put up for display in the Kimsichiog Gallery in the Taipei 101. There he was revived by the young demon warlock N°1 as Artemis recognized the demon markings on him. Qwan helped N°1 learn to use magic and then travelled back to Hybras with N°1, Holly Short and Artemis Fowl when Artemis could not defuse the bomb tied to Holly by Billy Kong's men. Along with them and his old apprentice Qweffor (who was stuck in N'zall's body) he transported Hybras back to the Earth. He took on N°1 as his new apprentice.


"I had been hoping for five warlocks. One warlock, one apprentice, an elf, a human and a snoring evil maniac were not exactly what I had in mind."
―Qwan noticing the fairies and human in his circle on Hybras.
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