"Nobody calls me an overdeveloped, signal-bell crow magnet!


―Pex, in Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code

One of Jon Spiro's many musclebound bodyguards, Pex was "as close as you could get to being a Rottweiler and still balance on two legs."

In the job interview, a hundred applicants had been set one task. They were handed a walnut and asked to smash it however they could. Pex had shouted at the walnut for a few minutes, then flattened it between his giant palms. The only other person to do so was Chips.


In The Eternity Code, Pex and Chips were Spiro's bodyguards and Arno Blunt's most reliable lieutenants. Since they are both bad at map reading, they were not allowed outside Chicago. They bury Mo Digence (actually Mulch Diggums) and get five grand for the job. Their next assignment was to inspect a suspicious black van being driven by Juliet. They fail, and are knocked unconscious by her. Their third appearance is on the eighty-fifth floor of the Spiro Needle. They are two of six guards protecting the entrance to the vault containing the C Cube. However, Pex and Chips were mesmerized not to see Artemis, unless specifically pointed out to him.


  • Pex's nickname is short for pectorals, on account of him having big chest muscles.