Holly Short's Neutrino 2000

The Neutrino 2000 was an energy weapon created by Foaly, technical adviser to the Lower Elements Police. It had a platinum coating and had three settings. It is powered by nuclear batteries. It is Holly Short's favorite weapon due to its versatility, durability, and "perfect weight", as she thought the Neutrino 3000 to be too light. Due to Fairy Council laws, civilians can not use the device and weapon. It is a LEP standard firearm.


  1. Scorched - Low setting, can cause brief paralysis in a fairy, akin to a taser.
  2. Well Done - More powerful. Probably begins to cause pain.
  3. Crisped to a Cinder - Yet more powerful. Can cause minor injuries such as burns. A goblin hit by a three setting could be unconscious for up to 8 hours.
  4. No slang name- Highest and most dangerous setting. Can possibly cause brain damage, as it is said to "lower one's IQ points."Renders victim unconscious for more than 8 hours." - Mentioned briefly in The Arctic Incident.
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