N°1 is an Imp who first appears in The Lost Colony. He is a demon warlock, an imp with magic. He is unable to warp into adulthood, unlike other demons, since in demon warlocks, their magic blossoms instead.


N°1 first appears in the book The Lost Colony, in which he plays a major role in the rescue of the ancient demon island of Hybras. After being kidnapped twice, once by the child genius Minerva Paradizo and again by Billy Kong, an insane murderer, and rescued both times by Artemis Fowl II and Holly Short, Nº1 revives the last surviving demon warlock Qwan. Together with Artemis, Nº1, Holly, and Qwan bring the island of Hybras back to earth but realize that in their return, they have missed three years of life.

Nº1's second appearance was in The Time Paradox. Nº1 uses his powers to send Holly Short and Artemis Fowl back in time to save the extinct Silky Sifaka Lemur (Jayjay) from the insane megalomaniac Opal Koboi, and from ten-year old Artemis Fowl himself.

Nº1's third appearance was in The Atlantis Complex. Nº1 was lured into a trap set by Turnball Root, who wanted Nº1 to use his demon warlock magic to restore youth to his human love, Leonor Carsby.

N°1's final appearance is in a flashback in The Last Guardian. N°1 was hanging out with Holly Short and he gave her extra magic to defend against being possessed.

Physical Appearance

N°1 is about fourteen years old, assumed to be young in demon years but old for an alleged imp, with the height of "a sheep sitting on its rear." His skin is as pale as moon dust and is pebbled with armored plating. Around his chest, up along his neck, and across his forehead, N°1 has spriraling red runes. He has orange irises and a portruding jaw on his gargoyle head. N°1's arms are slightly longer than those of a typical ten year old human and legs slightly shorter. His tail is a short nub and he is said to look like a small stocky mini rhino with four fingers or toes on each hand or foot, except on his right hand, where he lost half of his index finger during teleportation to Earth.


N°1 is a benevolent demon, and he feels immense remorse upon killing anything, even for survival, such as rabbits (going so far as to feel that their spirits haunt him). In other terms, he is a pacifist, like most warlocks but unlike most normal demons. Initially while in Hybras, N°1 is shown as being very timid with low or non-existent self-esteem, due to his concern of his slower-than-average warp, constant bullying and cruelty from the other demons and his trouble fitting in with his own kind.

He also enjoys pointing out the other meanings to phrases and words, which, as pointed out by Holly, is his way of dealing with stress and such.

He also has a sense of humor, such as when Artemis and Holly are about to be sent to the past by him in The Time Paradox, N°1 said, "I now pronounce you Man, and Elf.", much to Artemis and Holly's dismay.


"(In Taiwanese) How am I supposed to speak straight, you son of a three legged dog? I don't speak Taiwanese!"
The Lost Colony
"I like that word."
The Lost Colony
"...she did tie me to a chair."
The Lost Colony
The Lost Colony
The Lost Colony
"That pony offer made by the magic voice box sounded pretty good."
The Lost Colony
"And I suppose you eat lead and blow golden bubbles, too."
The Lost Colony
"Hi.I love everyone, so no need to feel threatened."
The Time Paradox (novel)
"(Artemis) How long will it take to weave the spell?"
The Time Paradox
"(N°1) "About how long it takes to take off your clothes."
The Time Paradox
"I now pronounce you... man and elf."
The Time Paradox
"Can't you people ever just go on a picnic or something? Do there always have to be explosions?"
The Atlantis Complex
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