Hi, welcome to Artemis Fowl! Thanks for your edit to the Artemis Fowl (graphic novel) page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- CatherineMunro (Talk) 19:15, 2009 August 4

Graphic Novel Edit

If you don't want anyone to edit the page The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel, may I suggest removing it from the main wiki and copying it all onto the page User:Luka1184/The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel? Click on the red link and then copy the text from the article onto that page. If you work on the article while it's under the page User:Luka1184/The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel, it's not on the main wiki and you can edit and correct it until it's suitable for recreation under the title it's under now.

As it stands, there still are many mistakes and broken links on your page that need to be corrected by someone. If not me or anyone else, it needs to be done by you while it's a branch of your user page. Also, the Artemis Fowl Wiki is a wiki where anyone can edit anything, even your articles :oD! So you must grow accustomed to that fact :oD. Hope that helps! If you need anymore instruction, talk to me on my talk page. TTFN and onward then!

Red Categories Edit

Hi again! Umm, I'm not sure exactly how to phrase it, but you've been adding a lot of categories that don't exist on this wiki to many articles on this wiki. I love that you're trying to help give the articles more background and intertwine them, but I hate to say that too many red-linked categories on articles can be quite distracting :O). Categories don't have to be extremely specific, even though they can in certain instances. There doesn't need to be an overload of them per page either. If you'd like to better describe the purpose of an article, you could try to work in a sentence or two about what otherwise would have been another link to a red category. I hope you understand! Thanks; TTFN and onward then :oD!

A Word of Thanks Edit

Hey Luka1184, I just wanted to say thanks for cleaning up some errors while I was busy with my other wiki. :D Also, do you by any chance happen to be an admin on the Deltora Quest wiki? Waddle D33 19:14, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

Yes my friend Edit

Actually I'm the owner of the Deltora Quest Wiki :D So yes :)

LapisScarab... and someone there I don't remember the name of right now, but whom are a great friend of mine there, are the leading people. Why my friend? Do you wan't to join us?

PS I created the Wiki's logo, I think I might change it someday, cya.

Sorry it's been a while... I'm not very active on here. Sure, I've already started editing on some pages on the Deltora Quest Wiki. Now I just need to find those books... Waddle D33 16:03, January 26, 2011 (UTC)
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