Holly completes the Ritual, replenishing her magic

Magic is a form of energy that can be used by most fairies to perform supernatural feats. The magical powers most often used are healing, mesmer, the gift of tongues, and shielding, though levitation, and blasts of lightning also appear, and Fairy longevity is at least partly based in magic. Goblins have a special ability to conjure fire. Magic is restored by performing the Ritual. Humans once had magic but lost the power to manifest it, because of our inability to respect the planet. So far the only human to have magic is Artemis Fowl II, which he obtained near the end of the fifth book but apparently lost at the start of the sixth book through over expedience. It is unknown if he would be able to restore it by preforming the Ritual. Visually magic appears as blue sparks of energy flowing through the user's body. However, Demon magic appears as crimson. Magic also seems to change color with age, as seen when Holly coughed up amber sparks in the seventh book, and thought "Amber magic now? I'm getting old."


Some fairies, called Warlocks, have an unusually high magical capacity. This make them ideal for serious healings and other larger magical projects.

Demon warlocks are the most powerful of all fairy warlocks, a single imp alone has the power to transcend the boundaries of time, while a circle of demon warlocks and create a time-field around an entire island for an indefinite period of time, while a circle of elfin warlocks can only sustain a time-field for an hour. Demon warlocks also have special powers such as Gargoyle's Touch, and Time tunnel. A power the Qwan introduces is the marshalling of free flowing magic to create a semi solid form. This is used to scare Demon Warriors by Qwan and N°1 in The Lost Colony.

Loss of Magic

If a fairy or dwarf enters a human dwelling without the owner's consent, they will eventually lose their magic forever, as stated in the Rule of Dwelling. Mulch Diggums lost his magic since he is a robber and enters buildings frequently. It appears, however, that this spell did not apply to the Gift of Tongues or the Mesmer ability, possibly due to minuscule amount of magic required. Shortly before the events of Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, Demon Warlock N°1 used his immense magical power to lift the Rule of Dwelling, and fairies could then safely enter human dwellings without permission. This change was granted by the council after several public hearings. It took N°1 a very short time to unravel, though his Elfin Warlock counterparts could never understand it.

It was stated and proven by Turnball Root that it is possible for rule breakers to restore some magic. This can be done by comsuming mandrake root and rice wine. Doing so replenishes a single spark of magic. This will suffice to fuel small spells like tiny healings, activating thrall runes and the Gift of Tongues.

Humans and Magic

At one point humans possesed magic of their own, but lost it due to lack of respect for the Earth. Artemis Fowl was shown reagaining it for a small amount of time.

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