Police Plaza in Haven

The Lower Elements Police (commonly known as the LEP) are law enforcers, and the standing army of the Lower Elements. LEP Headquarters is located within Police Plaza, Haven. On numerous occasions, this organization has lent help to, and fought against, Artemis Fowl. The LEP has 3 regional commanders: one in Haven, one in Atlantis, and a third in an unknown location (most likely on the moon). Their technical genius is Foaly, who designs everything from their armour, to their computers, to the DNA coded stun cannons and neutrino handgun and farshoot rifle weapon series that they use.

In the past, they have worn green uniforms and knickerbockers, creating the Irish "leprechaun", which is derived from LEPrecon, an elite branch of the LEP. The ransom fund has been adapted by humans as a large sack of gold carried around by every leprechaun.

The ranks of the LEP are from lowest to highest: Recruit, Private, Corporal, Captain, Lieutenant, Major, Commander

Notable members of the LEP

Notable ranks

  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant
  • Wing Commander
  • Commander

The branches of the LEP


See main article, LEPRecon

LEPRecon or LEPrecon, also simply known as the Recon (or the Reconnaissance) is the reconnaissance division of the Lower Elements Police. In the underground world of the People, most reconnaissance entails tracking down fairies who wander where they shouldn't, particularly away from the secret fairy civilization of Haven and onto the surface of the Earth.


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The LEPtraffic division of the LEP manages tasks such as directing traffic and dealing with petty or commonplace crimes.


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LEPRetrieval is a division of the LEP, who get to work after the Recon teams finish their work. They capture fairies on illegal jaunts above ground, as well as go out to Mind-wipe humans.

LEP Handbook

The LEPhavea handbook with all the regulations and guidelines which every officer must follow. Such regulations include:


The LEPrecon always had checks before, during, or after a mission. The pre-op check is the "Three Ws": wings, weapons, and a way home. This check is performed by every Recon officer before approaching an operation's zone.

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