Haven, the governmental center of the Lower Elements

The Lower Elements is the underground area where the The People have lived ever since they lost the Battle of Taillte. It consists of Haven and Atlantis as its main cities. It is policed by the LEP and has the TV Channel PPTV.



One of the major nuisances of the Lower Elements is the swear toad. It began as a practical joke many years ago as a simple toad that cursed at anyone who came near, but then developed into a pest. The stink worm is another strange creature with eyes all over its body and with an unbearable smell. A cleaner slug appears to live on trolls, cleaning their skin, but no other relationship between them and any other creature in the Lower Elements is known. In addition, one of the most feared creatures underground (beyond trolls, of course) is the Tunnel Blue, a small, silver spider with razor-sharp claws and that can take down a human or fairy in seconds. Another animal known to the People is the Kraken (although they exist in the ocean).


One of the People's most popular games is Bottoms Up and is the opposite of the human game Poker. There was also an amusement park that closed down long ago by the name of the Eleven Wonders Exhibition. The park is now avoided because it is a dangerous stomping ground for trolls and because The People realized they missed living above ground.

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