Corporal Lili Frond is a member of the LEP. As Holly put it in Artemis Fowl, she is dimwitted; a "bimbo" and an airhead. Lili's appealing voice was the one recorded for voice notices broadcasted to an LEPRecon agent's helmet when flying over a restricted or high-danger zone, and also for requested information, as when Holly searched on Opal Koboi. Artemis Fowl also uses Lili as his phone's voice to annoy Holly. Lili is described as having curly blonde hair. It was revealed in The Arctic Incident that she is a descendant of King Frond, and that the examiners boosted her results because of her impressive lineage, resulting in her acceptance into the LEP. It is later revealed in The Last Guardian that she is dating Commander Trouble Kelp.
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