Leonor Carsby was a human and Captain Turnball Root 's wife. Leonor met Turnball when her plane crashed into his secret hideout. Turnball was charmed the second he looked at her and nursed her back to health with his crew's dwindling amount of magic. When Leonor regained her health, Turnball used a thrall rune to make her fall for him. In The Atlantis Complex, Turnball tries to nurse her back to health with No1's Demon Magic. But while Turnball was gloating, Leonor manages to get up and walk over to the umbellical corridor connecting the underwater hospital to his hijacked ambulance, and hears of Turnballs threats and black mailing to blow up the corridor. She reprimands him, and states that she is ready to die, and that she needs to save him, like he saved her all those years ago. She hobbles over to the ambulance cockpit, ready to drive it into the trench and let it blow up to save her lover. Turnball is distraught by this, so he turns to Orion (Artemis' alter ego, induced by his Atlantis Complex), and says that he will go with Leonor, as she "Can't get up to the ambulance" without his help. With this oddly calm phrase, Turnball and Leonor fly the ambulance into the Atlantis Trench, and it explodes.

Personality and Physical Appearance

Not much is said about how Leonor looks. When she is seen in Venice, she is described as hunched over and rheumic, with knarled hands and an ivory-tipped cane. One eye droops, as if she has suffered a stroke, while one is kept closed. However, when she cofronts Turnball in the corridor, she stands up straight and opens both eyes clearly, so maybe she has suffered side effects from her rune control. It is said that she has a boyish personality and is older than she looks. The simple act of marrying a fairy had prolonged her life, but she still aged, albeit at a slower rate. She was part of the Ninety-Nines, a troup of women pilots led by Amelia Earhart, and she and her co-pilot, Pierre, tried to finish Amelia's journey, but crashed. While being healed by Turnball, she expressed her love for flying, but Turnball grew scared that if he let her fly, she would fly away. In the end, she was granted her wish to pilot again, in an amublance rigged to blow with her Turnball, as they flew to their deaths to save an underwater fairy hospital.

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