This article is about the helmet as seen in the books. You may be looking for the LEP Device seen in the film.


Holly with a newer model LEP helmet

A LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance) helmet is a helmet worn by LEP Recon units. There are many models and the new ones are generally better than the old ones.


The helmets have many features including a tracker system (older models had a tracker layer sprayed on while newer models had an electronic one which can be turned off), multiple filters (including infrared, thermal, night vision, argon and anti-shield), a removable pollution/filter mask, e-mail, visual and data communication, "tunnel high beams", a sonic wave emitter, a non-friction coating, and voice activation. They are routinely improved and upgraded by Foaly who later developed the Section 8 helmet which has greatly improved systems over the LEP helmet. The new Section Eight helmet is greatly improved, having a pencil laser cannon that can fire though glass without leaving a smudge, shoot wide bursts of laser, and has the pinpoint accuracy to evaporate coffee before it hits a rug, all of which Foaly does in the fifth book. It also has the ability to bounce, as, once again, Foaly does in the fifth book. It is also mentioned that the commanders get flying helmets, although Foaly says, "Those helmet's fields have been known to straighten perms."

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