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LEPRecon is short story about how Holly Short came an LEP Captain. Story is in the book The Artemis Fowl Files. It happens at unknown time, probably 10–20 years ago.


Story starts with prologue. Major Evergreen is an LEP officer kidnapped by Turnball Root, Commander Julius Root's older brother when Major is looking for criminal, and tortured into telling the location of Corporal Holly Short's initiation into the LEP with a Tunnel Blue Spider. Turnball gives him an illegal amnesiac, causing him to forget all about the ordeal, and it is implied to give him permanent memory damage.

Next part of story happens under ground, where Holly is giving penalty to wrong parked car. After short discussion with car's owner she opens door and gel among fishes drops on her.Short time later Holly is said to come to police plaza only to be surprised by Julius Root raging him to come to his room. Then they talk little and decide that its time for Holly to try to come Captain. They instanlty go to surface, because when crimes escape, there is no time given for preparing, so they are going to do test without giving Holly preparation time.

Julius, Holly and Trouble travel to island where tets is going to be. Before it, Holly's magic is drained by stabbing her with needle. There, she is stated that there could be time, when LEPRecon unit has to catch possibly dangerous and armed criminals above ground, in worst possibility: No magic, no contacts, and no gear. Holly must fight against fully powered Julius with paintball guns. Throughout test recruit usually takes 10-20 hits, as stated by Julius. After it test will be analyzed and decided can recruit join or not. But there is shortcut: If Holly hits Julius before he does so, she will be instantly accepted.[1]

So, test begins, in very unfair conditions to Holly: She is in very bad position, and Julius has shuttle full of newest technology. Trouble is filming next to Holly. Only tip he gives to her before starting to record: Move, because Julius does so. Holly starts to climb up hill, and move. Then she spots camouflage tents, and says that this is unfair. Trouble senses something is wrong and takes fast his gun but still too slow: Mysterious assassins hit both with neutrino pulses.

Holly wakes in house with Trouble, both bound. Both of them are very ill, because they are in human's house without his permission. Turnball Root comes to talk them about how angry he is to his brother and is going to catch him using Holly as bait. He also shows his loyal servants: Unix B'lob and Bobb Ragby. They tainted them. They then take Holly to open area, and two servants hide under camouflage canvas with neutrino pulse rifles. Holly starts instantly thinking how she could prevent Julius getting caught. She notices that robbers didn't take her suit, which could used to show short messages.

Meanwhile, Julius is looking around to find Holly, and to be fair, does not use wings or other special things. But he has shield, magic and lot of experience. He finds Holly(which is already set as bait)being quite helpless and thinks sadly how bad positioning Holly has done. But then he notices text on chest panel of Holly reading Turnball+2 and goes back to bush.

Julius then switches to thermal and notices two assassins. He safely shoots both behind and wraps them. After taking their laser rifles he goes to free Holly and she tells what's going on. Julius then gives her starting chip of shuttle and states if something goes wrong she has to go to shuttle, send emergency message and wait there. Holly then watches when Julius goes to house with shield on and finds Turnball taking sun. Turnball then states that he knows Julius is there and wouldn't he take shield off. After short conversation Julius stuns him with shot from his weapon for few minutes. After doing this he goes to take Turnball, but when almost next to him he falls to his legs because of magical ill. After Turnball wakes up he lets glass around be seen: So Julius came to human's house without permission. Turnball takes him inside house. Holly watches all this without any ways to help. She then runs to shuttle and flies it back to house.

Because Holly can't go inside house, she collapses it with aid from computer. Julius and Trouble start rapidly getting their magic back because there is no more house where they were. Turnball then tries to do suicide with Tunnel Blue Spider but fails on it because Julius gives him to take some coffee beans. After this Trouble states Holly that it's last chance to do something to become part of LEPRecon. Holly then remembers what Julius said earlier and shoots Julius with her paintball gun few times and Julius is confused. But then he gives Holly masts meaning that Holly got promoted. Holly is very happy and Julius says that shes going to cost lot to LEP. After this mission staging flood wave that could have destroyed house or rebuilding it will cost half year of LEP's budget.


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