LEPRecon or LEPrecon, also simply known as the Recon (or the Reconnaissance) is the reconnaissance division of the Lower Elements Police. In the underground world of the People, most reconnaissance entails tracking down fairies who wander where they shouldn't, particularly away from the secret fairy civilization of Haven and onto the surface of the Earth.

The main advantage held by the fairies in general and LEP in specific is a vastly-advanced technology. They use this technology to escape notice by humans, called Mud Men by the fairies, and considered a nascent threat to their civilization.


The main duty of LEPrecon often involves tracking the suspect fairies before LEPretrieval arrives to take them away. They can also intervene if a call for help is interpreted as an invitation into a human dwelling, and a situation is getting out of control (as Captain Holly Short did in the Italian city of Martina Franca in Book 1).



Julius Root leading LEPrecon forces in the Artemis Fowl film

The department has been established for centuries, and LEPrecon is implied in the story as the origin of the human word leprechaun. The stereotype associated with the leprechaun comes from the old dress uniform the force used to wear, as well as Tara, Ireland being one of the more popular fairy shuttle chutes.


Listed below are some of the main characters in the Artemis Fowl series who are directly connected with LEPrecon.

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