Elfin King Frond was the first king of the People and led the Battle of Taillte, the impact of which forced the fairy people underground. He was also responsible for the creation of The Book of the People, and magical geasa, or rules. The rule most mentioned in the novels is the Rule of Dwelling. It states that no fairy can enter a human dwelling without permission. The violation of this and other laws results in instant and permanent loss of magic. However, as time passed, the magic became less powerful; violators of the Dwelling Law would initially experience nausea, and to lose magic it would take longer intervals or frequency of violation. Though the result is unpleasant, this has not deterred some fairies, such as Mulch Diggums, from robbing humans anyway.

In The Time Paradox, the Rule of Dwellings was deemed as a hindrance to LEP investigations, and was finally lifted by the demon warlock N°1.

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