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Jon Spiro is the main antagonist of the Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code. He is the owner of the communication company, Fission Chips. He owns the Spiro Needle. He has links with the Antonelli crime family and has been proved to hire them for illegal jobs. It is rumored that they were partly to thank for his success in the phone business.

Involvement in Storyline

Appearances in Book In the Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code , Artemis Fowl II invites Spiro to a business meeting, where Spiro steals the C Cube while having Butler shot by his bodyguard, Arno Blunt, and commands Blunt to kill Artemis as well. Butler takes the shot meant for Artemis. Butler dies but Artemis is determined to bring him back to life. He used cryogenics on Butler to preserve his brain cells so that he can be healed and revived by Holly. She, Artemis, Mulch Diggums, and Juliet Butler go to Chicago to get the C Cube back, but Butler is left behind to recover from the surgery. Spiro continuously gloats to Artemis but Artemis (with Foaly's help) gets him to raid Fission Chips' rival Phonetix. Spiro is eventually arrested by the Chicago SWAT team and the C Cube is recovered. After Spiro's arrest Artemis, Butler and Juliet Butler are mindwiped.

Physical Appearance

It is said that Spiro wears enough gold on his wrists and fingers to "gold leaf the Taj Mahal". He is small, barely taller than Artemis himself, tanned and is as "thin as a javelin". Artemis compares his eyes to a rat's: small, dark, beady, and always moving. He apparently has "gut problems", and has to take several types of vitamin supplements a day to replace food.


Jon Spiro has his personal bodyguard, Arno Blunt, who travels with him in all of his business ventures. At Fission Chips, his two bodyguards are Pex and Chips, who arecompared to shaved gorillas and rottweilers that could balance on two legs. Pex and Chips are described as "the ones who break things and ask questions later".

Spiro has also several employees at his disposal. Dr. Pearson was the head of the technical staff and the one who tried to break the eternity code on the C Cube.


Artemis Fowl II tricks Spiro and his bodyguards into breaking into Phonetix, where he and Foaly detained them so that Juliet could phone the police. Holly Short then rescues Artemis, and a Chicago SWAT Team apprehend Blunt, Pex, Chips, and Spiro. Jon Spiro is currently serving time in prison. After Artemis, Butler, and Juliet Butler are mind-wiped by Foaly.


"I don't understand. This is years, no decades ahead of anything we have now. You're nothing but a thirteen-year-old kid. How did you do it?" -Jon Spiro, commenting on Artemis' C Cube

"Five-hundred-bit encryption. Best in its class. You're not getting into Fission 400 without a code." -Jon Spiro

"Listen kid. I like you. In a couple of years, you could have been just like me. But did you ever put a gun to somebody's head and pulled the trigger? No? I didn't think so. Sometimes thats all it takes. Guts. And you don't have them." -Jon Spiro, talking to Artemis in the seafood restaurant.

"I'm going now. Before that satellite beam shows up, and those other ones. The LEP, I've never heard of that particular agency. But as soon as I get this gizmo working, they're going to wish they'd never heard of me. It's been fun doing business with you." -Jon Spiro, after taking the C Cube