The Ice Cube is first mentioned and appears in Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex . Newly invented by Artemis himself, the device is (according to him) designed to propel tiny, reflective nano-wafers into the skies over Iceland. Descending with snow as camouflage, the smart wafers would turn themselves uniformly to face the right side up, reflecting the scorching sun's rays and thus preventing further melting of the glaciers. Artemis demonstrated its vitality with his state-of-the-art (or, at least as Foaly put it, for the humans) holographic screen. The screen, which before being opened resembled a normal briefcase made of reinforced metal containing a laptop, has motors, and later transformed into a large screen exceeding a metre across and long. It can depict three-dimensional models and, after his fingerprint has been approved by the screen and v-gloves put on, a person can alter and construct new models at will

The device was destroyed following the impact of the rogue LEP space probe in Iceland.

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