The Hybras Sinking Facility was a facility set up in about 2004 built for the purpose of waiting for the lost island of Hybras to come out of Limbo by Artemis Fowl, Holly Short. The facility was set up by Foaly and made so that it could be taken apart in half an hour after Holly Short and Artemis Fowl did not come back from Limbo after a long time. Finally, Hybras came back out of Limbo, and the facility sunk the island and itself to prevent any humans from finding a whole new island that appeared out of nowhere. It was also supported by satellite lasers which boiled the waves caused by Hybras' arrival from limbo. It also had a massive light distortion projector to make it seem as if nothing was happpening when Hybras arrived, and was the largest single project Foaly ever worked on. It took under 3 years to build and had a massive response team ready to act on Hybras' arrival.

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