Hybras was an island that the Demon Warlocks lifted out of time using a time stop spell and a volcano after the humans were at war with them. It was brought into limbo thousands of years ago, and was lifted back into time by Holly Short, Artemis Fowl, N°1, Qwan, and N'zall; but three years off course. It was sunken by the Hybras Sinking Facility for security. The island is actually a chunk of the Moon which orbits Earth.

The main feature of Hybras are that it is said to always have a reddish sky such as at sunset, because that was when the island was lifted out of time. The warlocks call this the "Hour of Power". There is also a giant volcano that the demon warlocks used to lift Hybras out of this dimension, and accidentally into Limbo. Most of the end section of The Lost Colony takes place in Hybras. The main species that used to live in Hybras was Demons, though there was also many types of wildlife, such as rabbits and boars.

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