"By human standards, Haven was barely more than a village, having fewer than ten thousand inhabitants. But in fairy terms, Haven was the largest metropolis since the original Atlantis, most of which lay buried beneath a three-story shuttle dock in the new Atlantis."
The Opal Deception [src]

Haven is the largest city in the Lower Elements, and is also where much of the underground action in the Artemis Fowl series takes place. It also houses LEP Headquarters. The second largest city is Atlantis, with a population of close to 10,000 residents. It has an area code of 951.


There are many streets and districts around the city, here are a few that have been mentioned:


The different stores, facilities and organisations in Haven:

Pressure Elevators

Chutes leading from Haven City:


Haven City

"And their cities at the center of the Earth are not something out of a storybook. Oh, no. They are just as real as you. Diverse and strange and beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wondrous, thriving metropolis that is Haven City, home of the fairies."
Mulch Diggums to a MI6 interrogator[src]

In the Artemis Fowl film, Haven City is depicted as a marvel of modern technology. Large monitors display news-feeds, including the news of the theft of the Aculos, an artifact that normally rests at the heart of Haven City and is considered the source of fairy magic. The Haven City Express and other air-shuttles flew throughout the city, providing easy transit. LEPRecon forces monitored any attempt to leave for the surface, ensuring the secret existence of the fairy people remained secret.

In the behind-the-scenes featurette "Creating the World," Haven City is described as being a "big, huge, hi-tech, exciting advanced civilization" which nevertheless has an organic feel like a very natural people have lived there for a long time. Despite having technology, they have not abandoned Mother Earth. The art department had a double vision between architecturally pure and magically inventive, described as an "underground, wacky Shangri-la" and also as being a deep ocean without the water. The fairies escaped to it as a natural world to escape the horror of what the humans had done on the surface.

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