Hadley Shrivelington Basset is a demon. His real family name is Gristle. His only appearance was in The Lost Colony. As of the Lost Colony, Basset is approximately thirteen and a half years old.


Basset is a somewhat arrogant young demon who, like the others, made fun of the imp Number One. Although he had already warped before the events of the book, he preferred to stay in the imp dormitories to intimidate the other imps who hadn't yet warped.

Basset also challenged Abbot by declaring that his tradition of naming warped demons after characters in Lady Heatherington Smythe's Hedgerow was ridiculous. Abbot tried to force Basset into submission by using the mesmer, but surprisingly Basset managed to hold out for a few moments before succumbing. Only few individuals have been able to do this, such as Butler.

He is a recent addition to the Demon Council.

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