"But Mommy said!"
--Grub to his brother, Trouble, in Artemis Fowl

Grub Kelp is Trouble Kelp's little brother and a corporal in LEPrecon. The two brothers are polar opposites. Corporal Kelp will often complain about the most trivial things, such as getting a hangnail or his boots getting scuffed on a protuding floor tile. He often refers to the Kelp brothers' "Mommy" and calls his big brother 'Trouble' 'Trub' or 'Trubs'. He believes it is "Trub's" job to protect him on missions together, and often freaks out in trouble situations. He has a very exaggerated sense of self.

Physical Appearance

Grub's appearance is not mentioned in the books, but the Graphic Novels depict him as being skinny, unlike the stockier Trouble, and he has red hair.


Artemis Fowl

In this book Grub appears as a member of LEPRetrieval One, led by his older brother Trouble Kelp. Unfortunately for them, the squad encounters Butler, Artemis's bodyguard. He make short work of all but Grub, who he allows to go back to HQ and fetch medical Warlocks to revive his unconscious colleagues. Later on, it is stated that he goes round telling people proudly that he was the only member of LEPRetrieval One able to face the Mud Mountain [Butler] and escape unharmed. This, as we all know, was not the case.

The Arctic Incident

Grub appears briefly in this novel outside Spud's Spud Emporium, again with his big brother, Captain Trouble Kelp, during the time of the Goblin Rebellion.

The Eternity Code

Grub briefly appears while accompanying Captain Holly Short. He is escorting four goblins and complaining about a hangnail he got from the cuffs when the lights go out. Captain Short quickly stops the goblins from melting their vehicle, while Grub "Secures the perimeter"


"OK. Trouble. Mummy's right. You're only a baby."
Artemis Fowl [src]

"That's Corporal Grub to you."
Artemis Fowl [src]

"Yessir. Sniper fire.Got it. Seems fair."
Artemis Fowl [src]

"Fine. That is I'm sure it will be fine. Unfortunately I'm one of those no-rankers. So, you see, I can't actually guarantee it will be fine..."
Artemis Fowl [src]

"Trouble was snoring in the gravel but he, Grub Kelp, had faced down the Mud Monster. Wait until Mommy heard about this.


Artemis Fowl (book)
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