The Goblin Triad is the coalition of the three main goblin generals who, allied to Opal Koboi and Briar Cudgeon in The Arctic Incident, led the B'wa Kell rebellion against Haven and the LEP. They, like other goblins, are not very smart or knowledgeable, and Cudgeon originally did not want to ally with them at all. However, Opal convinced him that they needed brute force, and the goblin's limited intelligence was not a necessity.


Their goal was to overthrow the capital city and LEPrecon due to all the harm and unfairness they had caused. The Triad and their armies joined Koboi and Cudgeon in their plan after being promised that they could have a hand in the downfall of the LEP, the people responsible for putting their goblin brethren in Howler's Peak, the most sophisticated goblin prison under the world. The Triad, Cudgeon, and Koboi held joint secret meetings to devise plans on how they should overrun Haven. The Triad agreed to supply forces if Opal allowed them to have advanced Softnose Lasers, a gun model discontinued and melted down many years ago. Opal managed to set up an elaborate smuggling scheme to the surface for the batteries needed to power the model, all the while never becoming a suspect herself.

It was near the end when Foaly was locked in LEP central's control booth and the Lower Elements Police were near defeat by the goblin armies that Foaly discovered Opal was behind the scheme. While Foaly was stuck in the control booth, Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Butler, Mulch Diggums, and Commander Root dug into Koboi Labs and attempted to terminate the rebellion. Just as the human-elf-dwarf team was about to be defeated, Foaly broadcasted a recorded message of Cudgeon's plan to betray Opal throughout Koboi Labs. Cudgeon claimed this message to be false and activated the DNA cannons in Koboi Labs to destroy the generals and their army.

Triad Generals

Three Goblin generals make up the Triad. Their main appearance is in The Arctic Incident, although their rebellion is referred to many other times in the series along with minor reappearances.

General Phlebum

  • Almost nothing about Phlebum is known, as he has no dialogue and is only mentioned once in the second book.

General Scalene

  • Scalene is the most mentioned general, and he has the most dialogue in the second book.
  • In Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception, he escaped Howler's Peak with the aid of one of his nephews, Boon. By

    General Scalene

    having Boon shed his skin in the prison room, Scalene then wore the skin like a coat and simply walked out of the prison.
  • In the fourth book, Root says that Scalene is public enemy number 2, after Opal Koboi.
  • He was kidnapped (or something along those lines) by Opal Koboi as part of her scheme to kill Julius Root. He is found lying on the tunnel floor, restrained by Octo-bonds which transfer a device to Julius's chest. The device contained a Proximity Trigger which explodes, effectively killing him and Root.

General Sputa

  • Sputa has some dialogue in the second book, but is not mentioned after that.
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