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Goblins are one of sub-species of fairy. They are known for their violent and greedy personalities, general unintelligence, and their ability to conjure and throw fireballs.

B'wa Kell Incident

In The Arctic Incident, there is the B'wa Kell rebellion, led by Opal Koboi in partnership with the Goblin Triad. Artemis Fowl with Holly Short, Julius Root, Butler, and Mulch Diggums break into Koboi Labs and stop the uprising. In the fourth book, it explains why Opal is in a clinic, mentioning the failed Goblin uprising.

Appearance and Characteristics


Wart-Face, a goblin threatening Mulch Diggums, in the first Graphic Novel.

Goblins generally have green skin and gas-burner breath, as described by Briar Cudgeon in the Arctic Incident. They have no eyelids, so they must lick their eyes to keep them from drying and falling out. It is stressed in the series that they are extremely unintelligent and almost incapable of thinking up brilliant schemes. Foaly mentions that rats and dogs are smarter than the average goblin. They are impervious to fire, and can conjure it, however they can be harmed by fire in the inside. Also even though they are invulnerable to fire, that doesn't mean that they are impervious to intense heat and magma, as one goblin got vaporized in a pressure chute. Goblins are reptiles and have forked tongues and scaly skin. Goblins are cold-blooded and use the term hot-blooded as an insult to another goblin.

Notable Goblins


  • In the comic adaptation, the goblins were depicted as bipedal lizard-like creatures.


Mulch and the Goblin

Mulch vs. a goblin at Howler's Peak

"You've got a big mouth for a dwarf. You won't talk so much at Howler's Peak. That's where we goblins do the talking. And what we say goes."
―A goblin to Mulch Diggums[src]

In the Artemis Fowl film, as Mulch Diggums was in a line to be processed to be sent to Howler's Peak, a goblin told him that he talked a lot, but at Howler's Peak, the goblins did the talking. Once at Howler's Peak, he was imprisoned with several goblins and got into a heated conversation with one disliked the way he was looking at him. The two exchanged witticisms until the goblin approached Diggums, flanked by several of his cronies. The goblin used his nose to breath fire into his hands, asking if Diggum liked it. Diggums told him to be careful, that they could all go up in flames. The goblin told him that he and his fellows would be fine, that goblins were completely fireproof. Diggums replied that he had forgotten about that, then said their skin might fireproof, but not their brains, sticking his fingers up the goblin's nostrils and causing steam to whistle out of his ears before he erupted in fire and Diggums tossed him back. Just then, Jasmine Sapwood appeared told him that Commander Root wanted to see him, removing him from the cell before things could escalate any further.

The Eight Fairy Families:


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