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Fowl Manor

Fowl Manor is the mansion where Artemis Fowl I, Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl II, Beckett and Myles Fowl, Domovoi Butler, and Juliet Butler resided until the construction of Villa Éco. It has been in control by the Fowls since its construction. The original builder of Fowl Manor is ambiguous, listed as either Hugh Fowl in Artemis Fowl, or Aodhán Fowl in The Arctic Incident. The walls of the castle are 5 meters high and 1 meter thick. It was built overlooking low-lying country on all sides, so as not to let their enemies sneak up on them. It still has the original guard towers and walkways. The Manor was finally a manor in the 1700s when the Great-Great-Great Grandfather (most likely) added a substantial amount of rooms that are built on clay. The part that is Fowl Castle is the main area it also is built on limestone causing the castle part impossible to be entered by tunnel. During the siege of Fowl Manor it was engulfed in a time-stop. During this, the dwarf Mulch Diggums dug under the wine cellar, which was built on clay. The centrepiece of the Fowl estate is a renovated late-medieval/early-modern castle. The manor has withstood war, civil turbulence, and several tax audits.


Fowl Manor as seen on Google Maps

Modern Fowl Manor

Fowl Manor is described in The Time Paradox as barely an hour from Dublin. It is not visible from the main road, as it is covered from sight by oak trees and a parallelogram of tall, five-meter crenelated stone walls. The gates are reinforced electrified steel with cameras on top of their pillars. If someone were to pass through these, he or she would be on their way to the manor. According to The Arctic Incident the manor has a state of the art security system and is surrounded on all sides by meter-thick walls.In the graphic novel, it is described as a 200 acre estate on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland.

In The Fowl Twins, Fowl Manor is mentioned to have been donated by Artemis Fowl Senior to a cooperation of organic farmers. The family moved to Villa Éco.


  • The Fowl Manor in the upcoming film is visible on Google Maps [1] at coordinates 51º22'55.4"N 0º35'12.3"W near Longcross Studios.