The Extinctionists are a group who wipe out the last of an endangered species. Their policy is that if a creature is of no positive and immediate use to human, then kill it. They believe useless animals have no right to use Earth's resources, grow fat, or live happily and comfortably if all humans can't enjoy these lifestyles.

Some of the members have such a low tolerance for animals, they become vegetarians and do not eat fish or meat.

The Extinctionists' logo is a human arm with the world in its fist.


The actual founding date of the Extinctionists is unknown. There have been many presidents of the organisation since its foundation. In The Time Paradox the current leader of this group is a man named Dr. Damon Kronski. They claim to have killed many animals, including the:

  • Japanese Sea Lion
  • Yangtze River Dolphin
  • Guam Flying Fox
  • Bali Tiger
  • Falkland Island Wolf
  • Western Black Rhinoceros
  • Yellowfin Cutthroat
  • Honshu Wolf
  • Unknown Sea Slug
  • Siberian Tiger
  • Red River Hog
  • African Lion
  • Snow Leopard
  • Quagga
  • Chacma Baboon


The group holds meetings in various locations around the globe in which the main reveal and promotion of the program is the murdering of the last of a species, generally by having a trial and then deciding the creature deserving of death. During the trial, any member of the group can volunteer to vouch for the animal's survival. If there are no volunteers, then every member draws from a bag. The one who draws the black ball plays defendant. Others can agree to go against the animal's case. Though it was said in The Time Paradox that some animals have been decided not worthy of death, most are killed during an elaborate ceremony.

In The Time Paradox the meeting was held in Fez, Morocco at La Domaine des Hommes, which was the Extinctionists' Compound.


Many years ago when Artemis Fowl II was ten years old, his mother Angeline Fowl donated 50 thousand euros to the effort of saving the last silky sifaka lemur. When the young Artemis discovered this large deposit for the animal, he confronted his mother, forcing her to divuldge her reason for the act. He claimed the money was intended to fund the Arctic expedition to rescue his father, Artemis Fowl I. He plotted to find the lemur and steal it from its protected endangered animals zoo before it was moved to another location. Artemis takes it away and sets up a deal with the Extinctionists. In this deal, it is agreed upon for Artemis to give Dr. Kronski the lemur in exchange for 100 thousand euros.


There were a few mentioned members of the Extinctionists in The Time Paradox;

  • Tommy Kirkenhazard
  • Contessa Irina Kostovich
  • Jeffrey Coontz-Meyers
  • Malachy Pasteur (aka Artemis Fowl II)
  • Bobby Jo Haggard
  • Jo Bobby Saggart