Elves are considered the first out of The People. With an average height of 3 feet or 1 meter, elves, along with pixies, are one of the most commonly seen fairy species in the Artemis Fowl books. They are the type of fairies that are most commonly seen in Haven City. Generally intelligent, elves are known for their loyalty and courage. Elves used to have wings, but due to evolution, they lost them.

Elves are known to have brown skin, the majority of them having red or auburn hair, though some like Lili Frond and Raine Vinyaya have white or blonde hair. Like the other fairy species, they have a longer lifespan than humans, as shown by the young hotshot LEP officer Holly Short, who is said to be an octogenarian (in her 80's) and clearly considered very young. Artemis Fowl described Elves as "very emotional creatures".

Notable elves


  • At the end of the Lost Colony book there is a guide for humans to recognize People members.


  • Description: Their height is just a little bit longer than 1 meter. Pointy ears. Nut-Brown skin. Red hair.
  • Temper: Relatively Intelligent. High Moral Feeling. Very Loyal. Highly Emotional.
  • They love: Flying.
  • Situations to be avoided: They are infuriated if you grab their gold or kidnap them, or generally upsetting them. Elves (and most fairies), tend to hold grudges.

From the Artemis Fowl Files


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