Dr. Jerbal Argon owns the J. Argon Institute or "clinic", and Opal Koboi was his claim to fame as his most notorious patient. Unlike most gnomes, he is very thin. Perhaps his most visible traits are his paranoid and fidgety behavior. He also believes himself to be very talented and is often afraid of losing his credit, name, and standards if he slips up. Following Opal Koboi's treatment in the clinic, almost every family who had a mad uncle in the attic brought them to Argon's clinic.

Opal was held at the clinic due to being in a self-induced coma. Argon was very proud of his "celebrity" patient and was not inclined to release her because her fund in the clinic would stop should she become better.

He is called "Jerry" by his two best pixie custodians, the Brill brothers, who helped Opal Koboi escape. He later mentions that he hates to be called Jerry and feels he deserves some amount of respect around his own eponymous clinic, but didn't say anything because good janitors are "so hard to find", and that since they are pixies, even rarer.
His name is a pun on "verbal jargon". Jargon is terminology, much like slang, that relates to a specific activity, profession, or group, e.g. psychiatrists. Argon is also a "Noble Gas" on the Periodic Table of Elements. It has been suggested that Argon's surname is Argon because he is noble, hence the noble gas; however that is disputed as, in the series, he does not represent noble characteristics.
- from Wikipedia Artemis Fowl Character page

Jargon was very proud to have Opal Koboi as a patient in his clinic and would often mention her at dinner parties. He made his rounds in the clinic every day but didn't do as much hands-on therapy anymore.

His wife wanted a divorce on the count of him not saying more than six consecutive words in over two years of their marriage. Dr. Argon also suffered from a pain to his hip on the left side, which apparently no amount of magic could heal, he therefore limped. In Artemis Fowl, he's described as a Psychologist from below the United States.

In the Atlantis Complex, Holly asked him about Artemis's Atlantis Complex. He told her to humor Artemis until they get him into a clinic. He later treats Artemis and declares him cured of his Atlantis Complex at the beginning of The Last Guardian (novel)

Dr. Argon has had B.Psych and compiles psychological assesments for the LEPrecon. His report on Artemis is shared at the start of The Arctic Incident.

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