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Domovoi Butler (better known simply as Butler) is an Eurasian bodyguard and servant to Artemis Fowl II, described as a "formidable warrior scarred from a thousand battles." Descended from a long line of Butlers, he has served and protected Artemis since the day of his birth.

Character History

Early Life & Protecting Baby Artemis

On his tenth birthday, Butler was sent to Madame Ko's Personal Protection Academy, as was the tradition for male Butler children, and spent six months of each year learning all the necessities needed for a bodyguard to protect the latest member of the Fowl family, and the other six guarding a low-risk principal. Butler studied in Switzerland and Israel and graduated from the academy at the record age of eighteen, earning himself the right to have the blue diamond tattoo on his shoulder.

Some time after this and before serving as Artemis II's bodyguard, Butler went on several adventures that earned him years of experience. Though none are listed in great detail, Butler has been on many dangerous excursions across the globe, such as being sent out to blow up a Colombian drug lord's estate (only for it to be hit by a massive earthquake seconds before detonating), undertaking a mission for the French Secret Service and later spending a month recuperating in Paris, being part of a five-year stint with an espionage unit in Russia in the late eighties where he, presumably, saw how the local Mafiya operated during dealings with them, going to Laos where he met a man who could put the "whammy" on a person, serving with the ex-Green Beret Sid Commons on bodyguard duty in Monte Carlo, saving the life of Sergeant Justin Barre after he'd been attacked with a hunting knife during a bar fight in the nineties and at some point, being involved with the FBI. His ventures and reputation have made him infamous among other bodyguards, the higher-ups of criminal organizations and various intelligence agencies across the world.

Roughly four years after graduating from Madame Ko's academy, Butler became an older brother when his parents gave birth to his sister Juliet Butler, who affectionately started calling him "Dom." Four years after Juliet's birth, Butler took it upon himself to instruct her in martial arts at the Fowl Estate dojo every day after kindergarten.

At around this time on September 1, Artemis Fowl II was born, and Butler was made bodyguard to him and stood guard at the Sisters of Mercy maternity ward on the first night of his principal's life.

Silky Sifaka Lemur Heist

Ten years later, Butler's uncle and Artemis Fowl I's bodyguard, the Major, was killed after the Mafiya's attack on the Fowl Star in Russia. Artemis I was also on the ship and went missing, presumed dead. All of the Fowls' criminal employees and partners walked out once Artemis I was gone and Butler went without pay for a month, but still stood at Artemis II's side and took up the positions of chef and gardener as well as protector.

Two months after the sinking of the Fowl Star, when Artemis II decided it was time to begin his life of crime, the young Fowl heir came up to Butler while he was preparing dinner and had the manservant take him to Rathdown Park to stake out the place in order to steal the silky sifaka lemur Angeline Fowl had donated and sell it to the Extinctionists. While Artemis distracted the park's director with several complicated questions regarding the theory of evolution, Butler stole his key card and placed it in a battery-powered Card Cloner while he whistled a few bars of Mozart to cover the machine's noises. They then returned to Fowl Manor, where Butler stumbled upon the future Artemis Fowl II and Holly Short, who had traveled back in time to save the lemur and thus save Angeline Fowl. Holly attempted to mesmerize Butler so they could escape, but Butler fought it off long enough to drug both of them with the tranquillizer darts he'd packed for kidnapping the lemur later on. He then hauled the two of them into the boot of the Fowl Bentley, allowing the past Artemis to examine both of them. Artemis's analysis of Holly and conclusion that they by-passed Fowl Manor's security system in their underwear left the bodyguard intrigued, but became disheartened when Artemis insisted on going through with kidnapping the lemur, and became repeatedly annoyed with Artemis when he was focusing on the creatures in the boot instead of the task at hand.

They entered into the silky sifaka lemur's cage and Artemis used a special concoction of vegetation and syrup to entice the lemur and bring it down to him of its own free will, but Holly used her gift of tongues to spook all the animals in the park by sending out threatening messages in the language of every creature she could. Butler then drugged her again, but felt guilty about it as he wasn't sure what effects the toxins were having on her system. But despite Butler's efforts, the lemur (later to be named Jayjay) still became afraid because of the noises and ran out of the open cage door. Butler then, somewhat reluctantly, informed his master of something he'd learned earlier that day on the tour of Rathdown Park. He remembered hearing that the lemur would climb to the tops of tall trees in times of panic and concluded that it would climb up the power pylons nearby. Butler and Artemis chased Jayjay up on to the power cables, but the future Artemis made the same conclusion after seeing them running towards the pylons and climbed out on to the power cables in a protective suit. Just as victory seemed in Artemis the elder's grasp, Artemis the younger ordered Butler to shoot the lemur if he couldn't have it. Reluctantly, Artemis the elder gave them the lemur, telling Jayjay to stick with Butler since he was the kinder of the two. Later on the Fowl Learjet, Butler inquired as to whether or not Artemis was bluffing when he said he wanted him to shoot the lemur, to which his master replied he was not and would do whatever it took to ensure his father's rescue.

Later on at the leather souq in Fez, Morocco, Butler was given a new mission. While Artemis made the exchange for Jayjay in return for one hundred thousand euro from Dr. Kronski, he was to be disguised as a leather worker while a decoy was placed in a nearby building posing as Butler as if he were overseeing the exchange. Butler captured Holly using an infra-red scanner and then accompanied Artemis and Kronski in the latter's car without him knowing. Butler then grudgingly presented Kronski Holly in a Kevlar duffel bag, his determination at its limit at selling some kind person to the murdering mad man for a bag of diamonds.

Later on the Fowl Learjet, Butler confronted Artemis with his severe disapproval about selling Holly to the Extinctionists, but the boy assured him that her friends would save her and that it was necessary to save his father. Butler then countered whether or not Artemis I would have wanted it done this way. The bodyguard then turned the jet around and infiltrated the Extinctionists' compound and helped to free them after Kronski turned on his own society when Artemis the elder had tricked everyone else into thinking Holly was a human instead of a fairy. Butler managed to knock out most of the guards with his dart rifle and saw Artemis the elder seemingly die when he fell into a cremation pit. After losing the dart rifle in some rubbish bins, Butler returned to Artemis's side and informed him of the "hairy one's" death, much to Artemis's astonishment. Butler then flew them back to Fowl Manor in time to catch the future Artemis and Holly in the spot Butler had found them. The two then revealed their mission to save Angeline Fowl and Artemis the younger accompanied back to the future to help stop Opal Koboi, much to Butler's disapproval.

Due to the efforts of N°1, Butler was magically mind-wiped and forgot all about meeting Holly and the fourteen-year-old Artemis but, presumably, still remembered kidnapping Jayjay due to his mind filling in the blanks just like what had happened to Artemis, as are the results of a mind-wipe.

Kidnapping Of Holly Short and First Near Death Experience

Butler with Artemis in Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel.

When Artemis was twelve he began searching for fairies in order to be the first human in history to steal their gold. After six false alarms across three continents, (including one in Cairo on the word of Butler's informant), a Vietnamese man named Nguyen Xuan came through for the pair by introducing them to a drunken fairy posing as a healer in Ho Chi Minh City. After Artemis tricked her into drinking half a pint of holy water mixed in with some Irish whiskey, Butler injected her with an antidote and then photographed her copy of the Book using a digital camera and uploaded them on to the Fowl server through a mobile phone. Once this was done, he injected her with some man-made magic that would eliminate the alcohol from the healer's system and also leave the last week a blur to her due to the amnesiac Artemis had slipped in with it.

Butler and Artemis then staked out numerous magical hot-spots where a fairy would need to restore its magic across Ireland. After Butler spent four months of heaving equipment across fields and bogs with Artemis, the two of them spotted Holly Short when she came to restore her magic after not completing the Ritual in four years. Using a dart rifle Butler had bought after its previous owned had been executed and mirrored sunglasses to repel the mesmer, Butler drugged Holly and stuffed her into the back of a four-wheel drive. Artemis soon discovered a locator in Holly's wristband and ordered Butler to cause a diversion while he placed the locator and some explosives on a Japanese whaler tied up at the docks. This diversion took the form of Butler taking on six dock workers and giving them a beating in a most unprofessional fashion. The brawl roused a Customs and Excise team on stakeout, drawing them away from their post so Artemis could sneak on board the ship. Butler quickly sneaked away before the team could begin inquiries and returned to the car just after Artemis had returned. The boy had seen some of the fight and commented that Butler's sensei would be ashamed of him for using such vulgar moves.

Butler was later put in charge of monitoring the outside of Fowl Manor using the exterior security cameras. After using a cine-camera that could capture two thousand frames a second, Butler was able to see LEPretrieval One outside on the avenue. After Artemis had given Butler a headset equipped with technology from Holly's helmet, Butler was able to see the shielded fairies and quickly took them out and relieved them of their weapons. A time-stop was initiated shortly after this, cutting the entire manor off from the rest of the world in a time-field. After this was done, Butler temporarily took up a post outside Holly's cell and later went on to do rounds of the house. During one of these rounds, Artemis realized that the LEP had been feeding a ten-second loop into the house's security system to cover Mulch Diggums breaking in. Butler soon located Mulch in the safe room and made a grab for him, but Mulch let out a burst of dwarf gas that sent Butler flying. The bodyguard had another chance at catching the dwarf, but Mulch sent a projectile at Butler's head from his hind quarters that he'd barely managed to evade while making his escape.

Butler fighting the troll during Fowl Manor's siege.

Butler then learned that Holly had put Juliet under the mesmer and was giggling in the captain's cell while watching non-existent Wrestlmania. Butler quickly scooped up his sister from the cell and intended to take her up to Artemis, but just as they were crossing the hallway, the front door was reduced to dust thanks to the LEP's efforts. Butler took Juliet and hid behind a suit of armour just as a troll came into the manor. Butler shot the troll twice in the chest, but it had no lasting effect. The creature then stabbed Butler in one of his lungs with its tusk and threw him against a wall at bone-crushing speed, leaving Juliet defenseless, who thought the troll was a wrestler called Bigfoot Bob. Holly attempted to rescue Juliet from the troll, but the beast threw her into a wall after being blinded by her helmet's built in lights. Holly's fingers then made contact with Butler's flesh and sent out healing magic into him. Soon Butler was as fit as he'd ever been and was ready to take on the troll again. He put on a suit of armour and then went toe-to-toe with the creature using a mace. Butler soon found his discarded Sig Sauer and loaded an entire clip into the beast's skull before using only his hands, which were undoubtedly even more dangerous weapons than the mace. With the troll reduced to a quivering wreck, Butler prepared to issue the final blow and shoot the creature, only for Holly to stop him by saying he owed her for saving his sister. Butler then heaved the troll on to a trolley and threw him out of the house. The entire incident was recorded from Holly's helmet and ended up on the LEP's Hand-to-hand curriculum after being viewed on the People's Amateur Home Movies cable shows.

Butler then freed Artemis from the security room and then oversaw the gold coming into the manor on a hover trolley and placed half of it in Holly's cell. The other half of it was given back to Holly after she granted Artemis's wish of his mother being brought back to sanity. Artemis then poured some champagne laced with sleeping pills for Butler, Juliet and himself and they all slipped into unconsciousness. The sleeping pills allowed them to escape the time-field by altering the state they were all in when it started, saving them all from the LEP's bio-bomb. Artemis soon explained this to Butler and promised not to interfere with the fairy people again on the bodyguard's wishes.

The Arctic Incident

With Angeline Fowl back to full mental health, Artemis was sent off to Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen, making it difficult for Butler to continue his bodyguarding duties, as the college authorities refused to let Butler bunk with Artemis and he was banned from the school grounds altogether after the gardener found his hideout off the seventeenth green. So instead Butler spent most of his time in Fowl Manor's gym pumping iron and had bulked up considerably since mid-term, but he was already bored with it by the time Artemis had starting seeing the school's counselor Dr. Po. On Artemis's first day of therapy, Mikhael Vassikin and his partner Kamar of the Russian Mafiya sent out a spiked e-mail to the Fowls containing a MPEG video file of Artemis Fowl I tied to a chair in the Arctic Circle. Butler downloaded the e-mail on to a disk before the original destroyed itself. He then produced a picture of the stars seen in the video and sent it over to a friend of his at NASA to geographical fix where the film had been taken, but his friend informed him that the quality was much too poor to get a triangulation. Butler then contacted Artemis II on his mobile phone at the main gate of Saint Bartleby's in the Fowl Bentley. After inquiring about Artemis's sour expression, Butler passed Artemis a portable computer with the MPEG disk in and viewed his master as he watched the video with shaking hands and ragged breath.

On their way to Fowl Manor, Artemis bounced ideas off of Butler as he usually did while planning due to the bodyguard's experience. Upon stopping at Fowl Manor to stock up on food and weaponry (of both the fairy and Mud Man variety), Butler's gut instinct told him that someone was around watching him. His instinct was not wrong. Captain Holly Short had come to abduct Artemis on suspicion of being behind the B'wa Kell's smuggling operation by supplying them with batteries and adapting the old Softnose lasers to use to take the former as power sources instead of using old solar cells. When Holly opened her helmet's visor, the escaping gas made a hiss that Butler's ears detected and he rounded on her, Sig Sauer drawn. Upon learning it was Holly, Butler cocked his weapon and gave her a warning, but she took the opportunity to use the mesmer. After a brief struggle, Butler was under her control. The bodyguard was then forced to go back to the Bentley like nothing happened. After Artemis observed that Butler did not return with the items he'd come for and did not do his usual bomb search, among other things, Holly came into vision and used the mesmer again to make Artemis fall asleep and have Butler drive them to E1: Tara.

Butler in Haven, working with the LEP.

Butler was then made subject to Foaly's Retimager before Artemis himself to see if he'd ever been involved in the B'wa Kell smuggling. After Commander Julius Root decided that Artemis and Butler could be of use to them in tracking down the human dealing with the B'wa Kell, he made a deal with Artemis to take him to Russia and help him rescue Artemis I in exchange for their assistance.

Butler and Artemis were then taken to Paris, France by Holly in the goblins' confiscated shuttle in E37. Butler, equipped with an iris-cam, a throat mic and a com screen complete with Foaly's new prototype Safetynet, was instructed to find one Luc Carrère, who was suspected of supplying the batteries to the B'wa Kell. After stealthily exiting E37 and making sure he wasn't captured on a tourist's camera, Butler scoped out Carrère's new apartment on Rue Bonaparte in St. Germain from a table outside the Bonaparte cafe using a heat sensor built into the iris-cam.

After confirming Carrère was alone, Butler surreptitiously forced his way into his apartment building, passing a group of teenagers along the way, and scaring one of them with a wink that was both cheerful and terrifying at the same time. Butler went into Carrère's apartment through the open front door. Holly quickly informed Butler that Carrère had been mesmerized so many times that his mind was blanker than a wiped disk and that he was armed with a fairy weapon called a Bouncer. Carrère then demanded Butler's com screen, thinking it was a Rolex. Butler gave it to him while asking about the batteries. This was his mistake. Carrère had (unknowingly) been ordered to shoot anyone who asked about batteries. So, within the fraction of a second given to him, Butler used the Safetynet to contain the blast from the Bouncer, saving both him and Carrère. Then, posing as a doctor, Butler used a trick Madame Ko taught him by using his palm on Carrère's heart and his thumb on the Parisian's artery in the neck. Butler then felt Carrère's pulse to see if he was lying and determined that while Luc had been dealing the batteries to a mysterious buyer, he never knew he was selling them to goblins. Butler then made himself scarce before the local authorities arrived and headed back to E37.

Soon Butler and Artemis were back underground in Police Plaza with Commander Root, Holly and Foaly. The centaur reported he had managed to trace the e-mail despite it being spiked and after Butler made a few passing threats, told them Mikhael Vassikin sent it and told them his history in a nutshell. Hearing this, Butler was eager for action, but Artemis said they needed to plan things through. So, after being issued a Moonbelt to help him carry all the fairy weaponry he'd taken, Butler went along with Artemis, Holly and Commander Root to E93 and then exited out into Russia after being sprayed with radiation gel.

Butler in the Arctic, holding a fairy rifle.

Soon they made their way into a large clearing and Butler immediately noticed that it was an excellent place for an ambush. He was not wrong. A goblin hit squad using Koboi DoubleDex flew above them and started shooting. Butler immediately threw Artemis into a snowdrift for cover and pulled out his Sig Sauer, but holstered it just as quickly when Commander Root and Holly tried to shoot at the hit squad with their weapons, but they would not respond to commands. Artemis immediately deduced that their weapons had been sabotaged and that was why the B'wa Kell needed Softnoses, because all other fairy weapons would be disabled somehow. Butler then spotted an overhang in the snow and carried Artemis into it while acting as a human shield. This was exactly what the goblins wanted. The overhang was laced with explosives and when they were detonated, the entire structure collapsed. Butler was then given a surge of strength in his body as the rock, ice and snow came tumbling towards them and threw Holly and Artemis out of the overhang before they were crushed. The manservant was then rendered unconscious by D'Nall during all the commotion and was trapped within the debris with the Commander. Artemis and Holly then saved the two of them thanks to Root's piton cord and Butler's Moonbelt, which they attached to the Mayak Chemical train and used to pull them out of their prison before the whole lot of it collapsed on top of them.

The now conscious Butler then helped Holly complete the Ritual and restore her cut off finger after Artemis had accidentally absorbed all her healing magic. After Artemis located the plexiglass sphere containing earth and an acorn, all four of them jumped off the train and into the Arctic night using the Moonbelt so they would not smash into the icy ground. Upon landing, Butler unloaded a full clip from his Sig Sauer into the ice to get to the earth underneath. Butler then placed Holly on the disc of earth and Root put Holly's fist containing the acorn in along with it. After about ten seconds, the magic came rushing back to Holly and her finger was reattached to her body. Butler then carried a protesting Holly all the way back to the Artcic shuttle port while she practiced her finger exercises to make sure the right tendons got reconnected. While huddled around a glow cube trying to get warm, Butler watched Commander Root operate a Hydrosion shell and listened to his explanation on how it worked before more pressing matters were discussed, such as who had informed the B'wa Kell they were in the Arctic. Artemis concluded that it could only be Foaly since he was the only other person aware of the rescue mission, but both Holly and Root dismissed this, not able to believe it. Artemis also concluded that down in Haven City the goblins were mounting a revolution and that the LEP's weapons must be disabled just as theirs were, but this did not stop him from trying to recover his father.

Eventually, Butler and Holly spoke up, saying they needed to get below ground to assist the fairies or else their mission was bound to be a failure. After this, Artemis received a text message from Foaly saying he'd been locked in the Operations' booth and that Briar Cudgeon and Opal Koboi were the ones behind the B'wa Kell's smuggling operation. Artemis then came up with two options on how to foil their plot. They could either contact Butler's mercenary friends for assistance or break into Koboi Laboratories. Both options were turned down by Commander Root, until he found out from Holly that Mulch Diggums, the only person to ever successfully sneak into Koboi Labs, was alive and living in Los Angeles.

The group then made their way to E116: Los Angeles through the tunnels, but came face to face with a wall of rocks blocking the tunnel. Butler then pulled out a couple of concussor eggs and Commander Root climbed out of the ship and used them to destroy the barricade, giving them a clear route to Los Angeles. Artemis then broke into Mulch's penthouse apartment just after he'd stolen an award from Maggie V. Mulch ran for it, but Holly cornered him at his car and struck Mulch with her buzz baton while Butler made sure he couldn't get away through the basement ramp.

After reminding the dwarf of their debt from back at Fowl Manor, Mulch told them of a fissure underneath Koboi Labs in an uncharted chute that widened to roughly five meters when at its maximum cooling point, which was moments before the next flare in the tunnel, for a period of three minutes. They barely managed to get through the fissure in their shuttle, Butler gripping his Sig Sauer for comfort along the way. They landed directly underneath the labs right next to the foundation rods. Butler, still gripping the Sig Sauer, later listened as Mulch revealed that one of the foundation rods was actually a pipe filled with what used to be sewage that led right into Koboi Labs. Instructing Artemis to stay in the tunnel where it was safe, Butler went with Root and Holly up the pipe once Mulch had cleared most of the clay. Once through the foundation rod, Mulch revealed a hole hidden by flexi-bond that led straight into Koboi Laboratories. With Mulch staying behind to widen the tunnel, the manservant and two elves ran as fast as they could towards the computer-centre, but were soon caught on camera.

Soon an armoured patrol of goblins came up to meet them, boots thundering in their wake. After Holly quickly told Butler that once this was over they were square, the manservant held off the goblin troops by firing off warning shots at first, then decided to go close-quarters with them while Holly and Root were getting the door to the computer-centre open. Butler managed to take down a few goblin troops before the facility's DNA cannons were activated by Cudgeon and knocked out every goblin in the place. Butler then made his way to the inner sanctum with the others, where Artemis was being held by Cudgeon at gun-point. With only door of quartz pane standing in his way, Butler summoned every bit of testosterone and adrenalin, every bit of brute force, and issued a charging blow with his shoulder that would have felled a medium-sized hippopotamus and the metal portal crumpled like so much tin foil under the pressure. Butler's last rational thought before the "cave man" took over was to disable Cudgeon, and he attempted to do that despite Briar threatening to shoot Artemis. Fortunately, Holly managed to grab on to his and brought Butler back to his senses with help from the mesmer.

Then Foaly rang Artemis's mobile phone, issuing a recording of Briar's plan to involve Opal Koboi in several tragic "accidents." Upon hearing this, Opal flew at her ex-partner in her Hoverboy. Cudgeon raised his arms to protect himself, releasing Artemis in the process, but the Hoverboy became entangled with Cudgeon and he was thrown into a river of active plasma. Butler was on Artemis checking for wounds long before this, though. Artemis then asked the bodyguard to spray him down with anti-rad foam before heading to Murmansk, but Holly took the honor of doing that herself.

Foaly then reported in that another e-mail had been sent with the ransom demand and location of the drop point, so they had missed their chance to snatch Artemis Senior and now the Mafiya were calling the shots. Now armed with a bunch of fairy equipment to aid in their rescue the group headed out to the submarine graveyard between Murmansk and Serveromorsk where Artemis I was being held. After observing the situation and taking note that over a hundred armed men were present in the shadows, Butler was ordered to shoot Artemis Senior with the cap of a Hydrosion shell half filled with Artemis II's blood to make it seem he had been shot with a bullet and was now dead. But Artemis I had been knocked off of the submarine he was being held on by Vassikin and fell into the icy waters below. Commander Root then activated a flare tied to a briefcase filled with five million counterfeit dollars to distract the Mafiya men. This gave Holly the opportunity to put on a set of wings and rescue Artemis Senior from a watery grave, which she did successfully.

After the Rescue

With the mission to save Artemis Senior over and the man himself mind-wiped and dispatched in Helsinki's University Hospital, about to be identified by the medical services, Butler accompanied Artemis II out of E1: Tara with Holly Short. Butler then gave Holly a handshake goodbye and encouraged his master to make peace with her. Holly then drew her weapon, and Butler almost drew his, but decided against it. Holly threw a gold coin in the air, blasted it dead center so it had a hole right in the middle, and gave it to Artemis to remind him that there was good in him beneath all the layers of deviousness.

Butler then drove Artemis back to Saint Bartleby's in the Fowl Bentley. Before returning to Fowl Manor to track down where Juliet and Angeline Fowl were in Nice and seeing to other affairs, Butler assured his charge that executing his plan was the right decision and that there had been no other way of rescuing Artemis Senior.

Some time during the two months after Artemis Senior's healing, Butler repeatedly accompanied Artemis to see his father in the Helsinki University Hospital while he was still unconscious. After two months, Artemis Fowl I finally awoke for the first time since his fall into the Arctic waters. Butler, Artemis and Juliet were forced to wait outside for several minutes until Angeline came out and informed them they were allowed to see him. A while after this at three in the morning, Artemis ordered Butler to drive him back to the hospital so he could have a private conversation with his father and about his new personality, which Butler wasn't present for.

C Cube Heist and Second Near Death Experience

Butler is shot.

During Artemis Senior's recovery, Artemis Junior created the C Cube using the fairy technology Butler had stolen during Fowl Manor's siege. Artemis and Butler then met up with Jon Spiro at a seafood restaurant in London called En Fin with his bodyguard, Arno Blunt. Artemis showed Spiro what the C Cube was capable of, accidentally detecting some LEP probes in the process, and offered to keep the technology off the market for a year for one metric ton of gold so Spiro could sell all his stocks in Fission Chips and buy into the yet-to-be-made Fowl Industries. But Spiro wasn't willing to walk away from the C Cube. Billions could be made if he put it on the market. Why, he could even rule the world with the cube in his grasp. What Artemis and Butler hadn't anticipated was Spiro hiring enough assassins to fill the entire restaurant. Spiro left before he could be connected to the incident that was about to take place, leaving Blunt to take down the great Butler and show other bodyguards how good he was. But Artemis and Butler had a trick of their own up their sleeves. Butler had attached a sonix grenade to the bottom of the restaurant's table and once the words "Richard of York gave battle in vain" and "rainbow" were uttered, the grenade detonated, but Artemis and Butler were protected by the sonic filter sponges in their ears.

Butler then searched the kitchens in case some of the assassins were still conscious, leaving Artemis unprotected. While this was happening, Arno Blunt took out the ear plugs he'd been wearing because of the impending fire fight, took aim at Artemis, and fired. Meanwhile, Butler remembered a maxim his old tutor Madame Ko had given him, and suddenly realised that Blunt would have worn ear plugs so his ear drums would not be damaged by the sound of gun fire. Butler then ran out of the kitchen faster than an Olympian and came out from nowhere to take the bullet for Artemis. The bullet ripped straight through his Kevlar vest. It entered right below Butler's heart and caused his vision to go entirely. Before he was done for good, Butler heard Blunt let out a gasp and shot six rounds in his direction. Most missed, but one managed to clip Blunt's temple, rendering the bodyguard unconscious. Artemis then crawled out from underneath Butler and the bodyguard issued his final goodbye and told his charge his first name of Domovoi, something no bodyguard was to do unless it no longer mattered, before passing away.

Then, using a dessert trolley, Artemis heaved Butler into a freezer in the restaurant's kitchens so his body would go into a cryogenic state. After contacting Detective Inspector Justin Barre to keep his men away from the freezers, Artemis then went to the Ice Age Cryogenics Institute and rented a cryo unit to keep Butler alive until he could contact a fairy and get them to heal Butler's wound. Two and a half hours after he'd been shot, Artemis returned to En Fin with Dr. Constance Lane and loaded Butler's body into the unit in the back of her specially made van. With the van parked outside the Ice Age Institute, Artemis called up the crossword hotline for The Times newspaper and issued a string of fairy related words, hoping that Foaly had made a program that would flag human calls with fairy-related words in them like some government agencies were doing. Artemis then pulled out a pair of spectacles from Butler's pocket that could see shielded fairies and waited.

Soon, help arrived in the form of Holly Short, who had been sent out to locate who had pinged Haven and accessed its system earlier that day. After Artemis offered a quick explanation and received a scolding in return, Holly ordered him to leave the back of the van while she healed Butler with Foaly giving her instructions. The original wound was lined with Kevlar from Butler's bullet proof vest so Holly was forced to make a new one with her Neutrino 2000 so she wouldn't replicate the fibres, which would have been fatal. Holly then gave it all the magic she had before making certain that Butler's head was secure and didn't replicate any damaged brain cells. When it was all over, some of the Kevlar fibres did get replicated and would certainly restrict his breathing, but it was not enough to kill Butler and would even allow him to withstand small calibre bullets. There was, however, another hiccup. Holly's magic was not enough and roughly fifteen years of Butler's life energy was needed to heal him completely.

Butler was then flown across the Irish Sea under the cover of cam foil by Holly with Artemis and was then taken to his bedroom in Fowl Manor. He awoke two days later with Artemis at his bedside. After a quick explanation, the boy handed him a mirror and Butler checked his older appearance. Butler then had a quick shave and clip to get rid of all the grey hair and quickly checked the surveillance monitors from his room, where he saw Mulch Diggums making vulgar gestures to the kitchen camera. After Mulch informed them he was working for the Antonellis with Loafers McGuire and was likely hired by Jon Spiro to kidnap Artemis, Butler went off to check the monitors, only to return to the kitchen to find Loafers wielding a gun, who had heard everything Mulch had said due to his hidden microphone. But fortunately, Juliet soon entered Fowl Manor's kitchen and reduced McGuire's weapon to a useless piece of metal before knocking him into a breakfast bar.

After Loafers was mind-wiped and rehabilitated to Kenya, Butler was given private instructions by Artemis while everyone else examined their disks on the plan to recapture the C Cube since Butler was going to have to stay behind. His orders were to take the gold coin Holly had given Artemis and place a computer disk inside it that would allow them to regain their memories after the impending mind-wipe when the C Cube was regained. He was also ordered to lay false trails for Foaly's benefit and to make one of his associates make reflective contact lenses so all three of them would resist the fairy mesmer if they were interrogated. Butler then cooked dinner for the assembled group before the operation was underway and drove everyone to the airport where the Fowl Learjet was housed. Before she left, Butler had a conversation with Juliet about becoming a bodyguard and the sacrifices to be made as one. Juliet simply said it was the only way for her to fight outside of a wrestling ring before departing.

While they were on their mission, Butler received the special contact lenses, hid a laserdisc with Artemis's copied diary and fairy files, sent an e-mail to the Fowl server to be picked up after the mind-wipe, rented a few megabytes on an Internet storage site and buried a time capsule in Fowl Manor's maze before doing some pilates to get in better shape.

Upon the return of Artemis, Juliet and the two fairies, Butler gave them a quick greeting before asking Holly to help them out with one last thing. Arno Blunt had been arrested by the Chicago Police, but he quickly escaped by breaking his handcuffs and knocked out the two guarding officers. He then grabbed a few sets of teeth and flew to Ireland to avenge his reputation by taking out Artemis Fowl. Fortunately, Sid Commons, Butler's old associate, was the passport official at London Heathrow. Commons recognised his description from the fax Butler had sent over and had him detained in a holding cell before calling the manservant.

Butler arrived half an hour later thanks to Holly flying him over and confirmed Blunt was the man who shot him, despite there now being no gun shot wound. After Commons quickly confirmed that Butler was not to go in there, the manservant asked to stick around and Sid went to fetch him a visitor's badge. Holly then gave Butler some cam foil and used a video clip of loaded fibre optic so Foaly could gain true of the airport's cameras and wipe Butler's patterns from the recordings. Butler then put on the cam foil and stepped into the holding cell Arno was locked in. After speaking for the room's only occupant to hear, Butler threw off the cam foil, making it look for Blunt as if Butler had appeared from thin air. Blunt's thoughts had been taunted of Butler's ghost since Chicago when Artemis had teased him about it, and this acted as final confirmation. Butler then told Blunt to confess to every one of his past crimes to avoid a trip to hell in the afterlife. Butler then walked out just before Sid Commons arrived and told him that Blunt started talking to himself and wanted to confess.


With that done, Butler and Holly returned to Fowl Manor where they were to have him mind-wiped. After informing Artemis that he had followed all his instructions and had lain some false trails, they all put in their contact lenses and walked into the conference room where Foaly and his technical crew had set up. Before it could begin, Butler brought up the issue of his age and how it could raise some issues with the people who knew him. Foaly was ready for that, though, and told him they would give him a laser peel to remove dead skin, add gel to his head so any future hair he grew would be coloured, cover the corrupted tissue on his chest with pigment dye and give him a Dewer injection using the donated fat from Mulch's behind. After saying their goodbyes to the People, the three humans were subjected to a mind-wipe and awoke the next morning without knowing anything of the People, but all three of them did discover contact lenses in their eyes with no idea how they got there. Artemis suspected by the ingenuity of their design that they had a mysterious adversary who somehow placed them on their persons. Butler later went to a contact of his in Limerick to find out all he could on the lenses, but the craftsman had said that he had made them and that Artemis himself had paid for them, adding to the mystery.

Soon afterward, Artemis began searching for a legendary artifact among thieves known as The Fairy Thief, the lost masterpiece of Pascal Hervé. For generations, thieves had stolen this painting from each other as a prize to show that they were the greatest thief of the age. Over a year later, Artemis had been informed by a private detective that he'd seen Crane and Sparrow (a couple of British lawyers who used their business as a criminal entreprise) moving a painting that was most likely The Fairy Thief to the International Bank in Munich, Germany. Butler, under his alias of Colonel Xavier Lee, then rented a deposit box a few days afterward so they would know where to start looking for Crane and Sparrow's box and Butler took the opportunity to secretly photograph the vault with a button camera. After a month of planning and making an anonymous donation to Saint Bartleby's on the condition that the Third Year boys be taken to the European Schools' Fair in Munich, Artemis pretended he was ill and Butler drove him to the International Bank, where the Fowl heir posed as his son, Alfonse Lee. Once in the vault, Butler opened his deposit box and held up an architect's drawing on front of the vault's only camera, giving Artemis the cover he needed. Using a few gadgets disguised as the items of a typical teenager and two master keys Butler had stolen, Artemis managed to steal The Fairy Thief from Crane and Sparrow's box and then went back to the Kronski Hotel for analysis of the picture in case it was a copy.

While Artemis inspected the painting, Butler was pondering why it was he felt so old recently when he was barely forty and his focus was going, just as it was then. Butler then began searching for surveillance devices in the hotel room using an Eye Spy bug sweeper, the most advanced sweeper on the market. After using the Eye Spy for several minutes, Butler was ready to pack it away when it detected something electrical coming towards the hotel. He extended the sweeper's aerial and panned around the room, and the reading spiked when it was pointed at the window. Butler went over to the window and saw what he thought was a new type of missile coming towards the hotel, and Artemis was its target. The missile was in fact a bio-bomb sent by Opal Koboi, though Butler was not aware of this and rushed into his master's room. He quickly took hold of Artemis and The Fairy Thief before grabbing on to a mattress and jumping out of the hotel balcony, going down three storeys and landing on the hotel's maintenance shed roof. Butler then felt Artemis's heartbeat on his back before slipping into unconsciousness from the incident.

Butler wakes up, ready for a fight

When he came to, Artemis was gone, taken by Holly Short. But Butler did not know this and suspected that their mysterious adversary must have turned an assassination attempt into a kidnapping. The hotel's staff quickly found Butler and he made up that he'd been sunning himself on his bed and that was how he grabbed the mattress, though this didn't hold much ground seeing as it was the middle of winter. Butler then got rid of them by saying he was going to sue their employer for trauma and was hoping to use them as witnesses, which had them scattering like chickens in a barnyard. Butler then left the hotel and bought a Phonetix tri-band car-phone kit after discovering his own mobile had been wrecked by the crash and constantly rang Artemis's mobile and Fowl Manor until the plane he'd caught to Ireland took off. Upon landing, he tried Artemis's phone again with still no answer. However, there was a message on Fowl Manor's answering machine from Artemis telling Butler about the mind-wipe, Commander Root's murder, Opal Koboi's escape and how Holly had taken him away. Butler thought Artemis was giving him some sort of code with a secret message and decided to further examine the tape when he returned to Fowl Manor.

Upon entering the manor, Butler was immediately on alert due to the alarm's thirty second warning not kicking in. This was because the alarm had been coated in dwarf spittle, though Butler did not know what it was. Further inspection of the house showed that someone had previously been and had eaten most of the Fowls' food, which the remains of were scattered across the floor. Butler then noticed a small figure in the study and thought it could be Artemis. But it was not. It was Mulch Diggums, who had escaped custody after learning that Holly Short had been blamed for Commander Root's murder. After Butler sat him in a chair at gun-point, Mulch handed Butler the gold medallion with the computer disk. Butler inserted it into a laptop and viewed a video file with Artemis in it. Artemis told Butler to think of the one word he would tell him as he lay dying, the one word he would never say under any circumstances, and then uttered the word: Domovoi.

Memories Returned and defeating Opal Koboi

The manservant's memories returned in a flash and Artemis's message suddenly hit him home, especially Julius Root's murder. The two then formed a plan using what little they knew from the message, and Mulch explained about the Eleven Wonders and how it was currently over-run by trolls, making it obvious why Opal would take Holly and Artemis there. Butler then drove Mulch to Tara near E1 in the Fowl Bentley and the dwarf deserted him so he could be captured by the local authorities and talk with Chix Verbil, a sprite in Holly's debt.

Butler then parked the Bentley fifteen miles north-east from Tara and made his way to a cluster of rocks in the ship of a fist. The middle finger was hollow and led to a tunnel Mulch had built almost three hundred years ago. After scaring off a couple of teenagers secretly smoking cigarettes in the finger, Butler punched through a wall of mud concealing the tunnel and climbed into it before coming to rest in a bulb-shaped chamber lined with dwarf spittle. After a short power nap, Mulch used a Neutrino handgun to burn away a section of the floor so Butler could climb into the shuttle he'd stolen.

After outrunning a trio of LEP uni-pods, Butler and Mulch successfully made their way to the Eleven Wonders and disabled the security cameras before climbing up to the roof of the theme-park's artificial hemisphere and pulling out Artemis and Holly from the top of the Temple of Artemis exhibit using a rope. After giving his charge a quick field physical, Butler handed over to Artemis the laser disk that would give him back his memories and within the hour, Artemis remembered everything the fairies had wiped from his mind and shared this with the rest of the group while they were eating the contents of field ration packs. Butler then alerted them back to their mission of tracking down Opal Koboi and Artemis revealed that from his deductions that Opal had been adopted by Giovanni Zito, a billionaire environmentalist. They then watched the human news channel CNN where Zito was currently on, explaining his project to send a probe down to the centre of the Earth in one hundred and eighteen million tonnes of liquid iron and harness the power there.

Artemis then deduced that Opal had been adopted by a mesmerized Zito so she alter this project and use it to her advantage by planting shaped charges in E7 in southern Italy so the iron would head straight for Haven City and wipe out half of it, leaving the other half to be picked up by the probe. With only seven and a half hours remaining until Opal was going to blow the shaped charges, they zoomed off in their stolen shuttle to E7, careful not to be picked up by Foaly's sensors. After Artemis located Opal's stealth shuttle by using their ship's instruments to look for what appeared to be a hole in the air, they made their way to the lip of E7 where Opal and the Brill brothers where. While Holly flew in a grid searching pattern as if they didn't know where the shuttle was, Butler threw explosives at the ground to give Mulch a distraction so he could replace the truffels hidden in the stealth shuttle's booty box with the two shaped charges, making Opal think that he'd stolen both the truffels and the charges. When this did occur, Opal opened the lid of the booty box while Mervall was sending out the detonation signal, causing the now exposed charges to start a twenty second countdown.

With the shuttle destroyed and the three pixies evacuated, all seemed well, until two heat-seeking missiles where picked up on their radar. After a short enquiry from Butler, Holly deactivated their shuttle's engines to cool them down enough to throw off the missiles. Butler contributed by throwing two fire extinguishers into the engine room after popping the pins. Then Holly was forced to activate the engines or crash into a kink bigger than a mountain, but, fortunately, the missiles were diverted. Not so fortunately, the missiles locked on to the supersonic attack shuttle being piloted by Major Trouble Kelp. The major thought for a second that Holly might have fired on him, and Commander Ark Sool was convinced of it and gave him the order to return it. Thankfully, Trouble disobeyed that order and instead fired a communications spike at the stolen shuttle, allowing the speaker within the spike to be activated and let Trouble listen to their explanation after ordering them to give it.

After Butler assured a squad of spooked LEP foot soldiers he'd come quietly, he was led with the others to the executive lounge at Haven's shuttleport, where everyone except him was treated to a set of clean clothes, though he was able to get something to eat and relax watching the entertainment centres while under armed guard, though he complained about the small size of the room since he couldn't even stand up in it. Half an hour later, Foaly came into the lounge and informed Butler and Artemis that he would not mind wiping them again should their services be needed in the future and how the Brills had confessed about Opal's plan, though Artemis noted it was not enough to mean Holly was innocent. The next day, Butler and the others watched Julius Root's recycling ceremony on the big screen, as Ark Sool had refused to let a suspected felon like Holly attend until her name was cleared. Soon, Foaly and Commander Sool came into the lounge with a couple of extra officers on the latter's orders in case Butler got angry. After Foaly declared that Holly had been cleared and she resigned from the LEP since she could never do any good, Artemis and Butler said their goodbyes to her. Then Artemis decided to give Sool his most scornful gaze, and when Sool attempted to make a retort, Butler growled at him, and he ducked for cover behind an officer before ordering the two humans to be sedated, and Butler was hit with four tranquillizer pellets.

The two of them awoke later in Fowl Manor. Butler was a touch disappointed at the lack of fairies on the premises, as he was half hoping to scare Sool a little more. He then told Artemis his parents were driving up the avenue and the two of them got their stories straight before Butler consulted his charge on what to do with The Fairy Thief, and Artemis decided later on that he would give it to back to the world by sending it to the Louvre gallery in Paris.

Demon Hunt and Paradizo Manor Heist

Shortly afterward, Artemis became bored now that his intellect was no longer being tested, despite Short and Diggums: Private Investigators calling every so often for aid in their jobs. To remedy this, Artemis began trawling through the Book of the People and hacked into Foaly's servers using the link that was spying on his computers, where he learned about the properties of magic. Eventually, he found out about demons and how the demon warlocks had moved their island home of Hybras, (a piece of moonrock that he melded with Earth when it had impacted on a magma stream), from Artemis's dimension and into Limbo using the power of an active volcano at the cost of their own lives. But the time spell was not completely successful, which left demons to resort to wearing silver to remain in Limbo and make sure they were not transported back to Earth through the power of the moon. Artemis then started visiting sites where a demon was likely to materialize and took Butler with him, though the manservant had no idea they were demon-hunting and had merely been told that Artemis was expecting a "visitor" at these locations.

After four months and travelling to locations such as Edinburgh, Death Valley and finally Uzbekistan, the pair visited Barcelona on the sidewalk of Passeig de Gràcia. After circling his charge for an hour to provide him with cover while wearing a button that sabotaged any surveillance devices, Butler was informed by Artemis that the moment had passed and Butler called up their limo driver, Maria, which Artemis attempted to make casual conversation over. But Butler knew Artemis did not make casual conversation, and observed that this was the fourth question Artemis had asked regarding Maria. Artemis then told him it was puberty playing on his mind, since he could not stop thinking about a pretty girl whenever he saw one. Such as the blonde girl in the nearby restaurant. When Maria arrived to pick up her clients, Artemis did not enter the limo. He could feel electricity and deduced that while the time had been right, the location was off. Then a demon appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Artemis by the hand, and Butler did the same by the shoulder, but his charge had vanished along with the creature, and so had his hand. The manservant's hand had left with Artemis, and Butler pulled him back before he was reduced to ashes floating in space. They then got into the limo and headed to the airport. Along the way, Artemis enquired as to how he was anchored back to this time and asked if Butler had on any silver, and the manservant revealed he was wearing a leather bracelet with a silver nugget in that he'd received from Juliet. As Artemis was tapping the wristband, he discovered that his index and middle fingers had switched places, making him unique, and Butler was only too inclined to agree.

On the flight to Ireland, Artemis thought his bodyguard deserved an explanation, and told him about demons during the trip. He further explained the demons' history and the time tunnel back at Fowl Manor while Butler was preparing dinner before departing for the Massimo Bellini Theatre in Catania, Eastern Sicily. According to the new calculations Artemis had just made, if a demon appeared in the opera house that day at a certain time, then the time tunnel was decaying and most of the demons would be flung throughout space while the others would pop up on Earth to be captured by the humans.

So they headed for Sicily and Butler was put in charge of recording the entire scene using a miniature camera in his watch to show to Foaly. He was most upset with the theatre, as it was a bodyguard's nightmare due to all the nooks and crannies a potential assassin could hide in. Soon Artemis received a call on his fairy communicator, and Holly Short appeared in her new Section Eight gear. After giving the manservant a brief hug around the head and a kiss on the cheek, Holly gave Butler her new helmet and showed him the new night-vision filter that could allow the wearer to see in the dark without being blinded by flashes of light, as was the downfall with human night-vision goggles. While scoping out the theatre using the helmet's filter, Butler saw the girl from Barcelona with her two guardians in tier two, besides the stage. One of her guardians was wielding a modified dart rifle hidden in a crutch aimed at stage right, exactly where the demon N°1 was supposed to show up. After making sure his charge was covered, Butler informed Holly and Artemis of this, and could only watch helplessly as Captain Short tried to rescue N°1, only for the little demon to be shot with a silver dart with a tranquillizer mixed in and sent below the stage using a trapdoor, where he was stuffed into a golf bag.

The girl and three men then went by train to get to their destination since trains would not use X-ray machines to check cargo. Holly followed, and one of the men revealed the girl's first name was Minerva and that they were heading for Nice in France. Butler and Artemis were at Fontanarossa International Airport when this happened and managed to pick up a lucky connection with Air France. Within hours, they had checked into the Hotel Negresco and were enjoying coffee and croissants at the Promenade des Anglais while Holly travelled on another two trains, still following the four demon snatchers. Soon, Foaly had managed to pick up the profiles of the girl and three men, informing Holly and Artemis that they were Minerva Paradizo, an apparent child prodigy, Juan Soto, head of Soto Security, Billy Kong, a dangerous man with an infamous reputation in underworld circles, and Minerva's father, Gaspard, a plastic surgeon. Butler drew in a sharp breath upon being told Kong was on the train, and informed Artemis that with Kong involved, things just became a lot more dangerous.

After ordering some surveillance equipment from an informant of his, Butler travelled with Artemis to Tourrettes sur Loup in Southern France where the Paradizo chateau was located and hid behind a line of bushes for reconnaissance, commenting that the chateau was so high-tech it was like something out of a Bond movie. He then admitted that while he had rescued Artemis from more secure facilities, then he was desperate, or had an inside man, and did not have the drive necessary to invade the chateau as long as Artemis was out of danger. Holly then unshielded before them and told them Foaly couldn't get access due to all the high-tech security, which caused Butler to immediately go for the butt of his Sig Sauer. However, Holly soon came up with a plan of her own, and requested that Foaly send up Mulch Diggums and Doodah Day to help in their mission. After Butler unwittingly spooked the pixie smuggler, who thought the manservant might eat him if insulted Artemis in any way, Mulch dug Doodah into the chateau and then knocked out Beau Paradizo, Minerva's younger brother, allowing Day to pose as him to attach some loaded fibre optic on to a video cable.

Once this had been done, Foaly began hacking into the Paradizos security systems and made them believe they were under attack from the COS using ghost images taken from human movies. While Butler was throwing some smoke grenades into the grounds to add to the effect, Artemis asked Foaly to send in some phantom guided missiles, forcing the entire household to evacuate, and giving Holly the opportunity to sneak into the car containing an empty golf bag they had believed was N°1. Butler was rearing to go seeing his friend in danger, but Artemis stopped him, as this part was vital to the plan. Holly then escaped with N°1 while Foaly knocked out the Paradizos' personnel and blew up their vehicles using her helmet and Butler and Artemis turned up in a rented MPV. A short while after navigating the bends of Route de Vence and passing through the toll station, Butler passed the boy and two fairies in the back a laptop hooked up to the Paradizo security system, showing Kong turning traitor. Just as he was about to kill Juan Soto because Minerva wasn't cooperating, Artemis asked his bodyguard's opinion if he'd go through with it, and the manservant said that in Kong's mind, it was already done. So Artemis came up with a quick plan and had Foaly patch him through to Kong's mobile phone, pretending to offer N°1 as trade for Minerva's life.

They then travelled to their meeting place of Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which had unwittingly been Artemis's suggestion due to careful wording. On the way there, the group of Artemis, Butler and Holly pulled out the silver slug in N°1's leg, but made sure was he still in contact with it so he would stay in their dimension. They made their way up to the eighty-ninth floor where Kong who was holding Minerva with almost a dozen men helping him, by Butler's reckoning. After giving Kong a stare down so intense it caused a couple of bystanders to find the nearest restroom, Butler gave N°1 some final instructions about when to drop the silver slug once he was with Kong. The demon made his way to Kong's table and Minerva joined Artemis and Butler at their table before going with them into an elevator to the fortieth floor where a ten thousand-year-old sculpture was being displayed. The sculpture was not in fact a sculpture, according to Artemis's deductions, and was rather the original circle of warlocks thought to have been sent into space but had actually been turned to stone using the gargoyle's touch in an attempt to save their lives. They met up with Holly and N°1 after the curator posed as an obstacle, but Holly used the mesmer to make him think Artemis, Butler and Minerva where actually his oldest friends and that the fairies weren't even there.

Once inside the gallery the demon warlocks were being displayed in, Butler heard noises outside and looked through the security door's glass to see Kong and his men on the way. Butler shot the electronic lock to by a little time, but was soon ordered to go up against them. He then ripped the security door from its place and then pinned Kong against a wall. The hit man dealt lethal blows to the bodyguard before being thrown in the air by Butler and shot by Holly's Neutrino. The hit man remained conscious, however, and Minerva attempted to get a little payback in by yelling at him and kicking him in the leg. Unfortunately, Minerva was within Kong's reach and Butler was forced to rescue her by knocking the hit man out with his knuckle, which was an action he came to regret in the next few years, as it allowed for the bomb-carrying Don to get inside the gallery. He was followed by four more of Kong's henchmen and Butler had to fight them all off once Holly had passed out after suppressing a grenade's explosion using her helmet. He dealt with them all easily and piled them against the security doors to keep the local police out, but a new problem presented itself in the form of a bomb that had been strapped to Holly's wrist with a pair of handcuffs. Artemis then ordered Butler to look after Minerva while Holly flew him, the demons and the bomb out of the building. After swearing he was going to retire once this was over and they were home, Butler handed the Irish boy his picks to use on the bomb. Butler then watched as the four were flown out the window. Artemis then vowed that no matter how long the wait, he would return, making the bodyguard almost jump out the window after them.

Butler then saw all four of them apparently fall to their deaths due to the excess weight and high winds. But the bodyguard realised Artemis must have had a back-up plan, which he did, taking off N°1's silver bracelet and heading to Hybras in Limbo. Butler then comforted an upset Minerva who thought they were all dead, and then quickly explained to her his plan to get past the police. He was then shown the barrels of a dozen police weapons, but was spared from this happening further by Mr. Lin, the curator, who still believed him to be his oldest friend. Butler then posed as Franklin Arnott, one of his aliases, and Minerva pretended to be his daughter, Eloise, while he was questioned by the inspector on the scene. Butler then told him he thought Kong and his men were anarchists and that they blew up the statue while he and his daughter were hiding behind a crate before fighting among themselves. Butler then faked remembering one of them calling Kong by his real name of Jonah Lee and that they said he'd "notched his barrel" years before, meaning he'd killed someone, which he had right there in Taiwan. Since there was a warrant still out on Jonah for his arrest, Butler appeared to have cleared up a murder case with Kong in prison, allowing him to return to Fowl Manor without any red tape to get in his way.

Three-Year Wait

Butler then took up residence in Duncade where Hybras was set to return nearby and grew a beard and ponytail to fit in with the natives. During the three years until Artemis's return, Butler felt guilty for Artemis going into Limbo for every day of it. His dreams and waking moments for his decision to help Minerva and during the nights he would often sit by the fire, head in hands, replaying the moment, in his mind, wishing he'd acted differently. He would also spend many lonely nights going out on the Mother Superior, one of a pair of sea stacks called The Nuns by the locals, with a pair of night-vision binoculars, looking to see if there was any sign of Hybras on its way back with Artemis. In between the contemplating of his actions and keeping look-outs, Butler was visited by Artemis's parents, whom he told of the existence of fairies to as explanation for their lost son, and by Minerva almost every school holiday, eventually becoming good friends with the girl. Minerva even started Butler reading fiction novels such as Gormenghast, The Art of War, Gone With the Wind and Moby Dick.

After waiting for almost three years, Artemis returned and went to Butler's cottage. The manservant didn't realise this though and thought Artemis an intruder, aiming a laser-sighted gun at him. When Artemis turned around from Butler's book case, however, the boy asked if that was really him under all that hair, and Butler tore off the curtains to make certain it was Artemis. He wrapped the boy in a hug sobbing, but quickly returned to his old self. He told Artemis of what he'd been doing for the past three years and the pain his parents had been in, confessing that he'd told them about their fairy adventures, and that it would take a miracle to erase all that. Artemis then revealed that he'd picked up some fairy magic along with Holly's eye in the time-tunnel and intended to use it to mesmerize his parents. Butler took all this in calmly, too astonished to go any further, and told Artemis not to use his magic in front of the twins. Artemis was stumped for a moment, and Butler called his charge a big brother, causing the Fowl heir to collapse into the room's only armchair.

Time Travel, Mesmerized and Third Near Death Experience

With Artemis back and his parents mesmerized, Butler returned to his bodyguarding duties at Fowl Manor, and apparently took up the role as protector to the new Fowl twins, Myles and Beckett, so he was now guarding all three of the Fowl brothers.

A while after Artemis's return, Angeline Fowl became fatally ill with a unique disease. Butler was ordered by Artemis I to see Artemis II during a sparring match with a hologram. Butler was quickly at his charge's side and Artemis II explained what was going on in a nutshell, and Butler warned his principle to be careful using magic, as it was not like science. Butler then stood sentry outside Angeline Fowl's room while Artemis went in to try and heal her with his stolen magic, and came rushing into the room with Artemis Senior when Artemis II's attempts were unsuccessful and was sent flying back from his mother. Artemis I went over to Angeline in her bed, discouraged at her new symptoms caused by Artemis Junior's magical efforts. Butler helped raise everyone's spirits by suggesting they keep fighting and look for anyone they know who could help Mrs. Fowl, even if those people were those they never wished to see the likes of again, ignoring passports and visas along the way. Artemis I became strengthened by this and suggested he go to all the alternative practitioners in Europe he had visited to cure his phantom limb pains, and Butler remembered a man back in China he'd met who was a miracle worker with herbs that could be of assistance.

The three of them then sat at the conference room and laid out their plan to each other, which was a simple one. Artemis I was to go to London to talk to the doctors there, and if they shed any light on Angeline's condition, would buy their clinics if need be. Butler was to take the Fowl Learjet to China and land at a strip where immigration was lax and Artemis II declared he would stay at Fowl Manor to conduct his own search on the Internet and supervise their efforts, along with Doctor Schalke and Miss Imogen Book, his publisher. While Butler protested to this, saying that Artemis was a virtual magnet for disaster, Artemis Senior said that it was necessary since Artemis Junior was going to set up a webcam in Angeline's room to assist.

After packing a few things that were most likely dangerous or highly explosive, Butler made his way to the Fowl Learjet but was stopped by Imogen Book, who was in fact a past version of Opal Koboi with enhanced powers from eight years ago. She mesmerized Butler and had him wear mirrored sunglasses so no one else with lesser powers could do the same and bring him to their side.

Despite being mesmerized, Butler resisted Opal's power enough to not kill his friends, almost popping his heart in the process. After Holly and Artemis returned to the past with a ten-year-old Artemis Fowl, Butler went into the Fowl heir's study where Holly and N°1 where discussing Artemis's plan to use his past self as a decoy while the present Artemis located the past Opal Koboi in Fowl Manor. After disarming Holly and grabbing her mid-flight, he threw her and N°1 into a barrel of animal fat with hexes mixed in to suppress their magic. He then dragged the barrel into Angeline Fowl's room, where the ten-year-old Artemis and his mesmerized mother were verbally sparring. Opal ordered Butler to take the silky sifaka lemur called Jayjay from Artemis so she could become all-powerful, but Butler refused to harm Artemis, so he told Opal to "" and collapsed of a heart attack. Thankfully, the ten-year-old Artemis had Jayjay climb out of Opal's reach on a chandelier and used a couple of defibrillators to save Butler's life before he received brain damage. The bodyguard then passed out from exhaustion and awoke later on to free Holly and N°1 from their prison and give them a shower to rid them of the magic-suppressing animal fat, now that Opal had been knocked out by the present Artemis using a dart loaded with a Butler special concoction of muscle relaxants and sedatives, which had the bonus effect of temporarily ridding her of magical power.

Artemis soon met up with his alert but weakened bodyguard and after a quick chat and explanation, Butler enquired about Doctor Schalke. Artemis said their paths never crossed, and both he and Butler hurried off to find him. Schalke had taken a revived Opal with powers returned into a Mercedes and was driving off, but then turned around back to Fowl Manor, as Opal would never get the opportunity to cease Jayjay again and become invincible. Artemis saw no option but for him to take Jayjay out of Opal's reach and said he'd use the Cessna to get away, leaving Butler to protect Angeline and their comrades and keep Artemis the younger off the Internet. After Butler gave his charge a quick warning about the Cessna's height limit and sticky flaps, Artemis the elder then grabbed Myles's toy monkey, Professor Primate, and took it with him to the Cessna and used its feature of microwave gel pack stuffed in the foam to make Opal think he was trying to escape with Jayjay when she ran a thermal scan on the plane.

While Artemis was airborne over Ireland, Butler managed to contact him over the radio and informed him that the LEP weren't coming to help, as their priority was making sure N°1 and Jayjay were safe. Butler told Artemis to return to Fowl Manor, but he refused because he did not want to risk his mother's life again, causing the bodyguard to strangle the microphone stalk out of anger. Butler suggested another location, but Opal in Holly's stolen LEP gear attacked the Cessna, cutting off Artemis before they could agree where to meet. After (or possibly before) this he put an unconscious Doctor Schalke in one of the guest rooms.

Time in Mexico

Butler was tricked to go to Mexico by Artemis due to Atlantis Complex stage one - extreme paranoia. Artemis sent him a fake message from Juliet stating she needed help. Juliet was having a fake wrestling match when Butler bursted in. Turnball Root decided to kill them by mesmerising all the wrestling fans. They barely escaped and Juliet experienced total recall. They were then assaulted by dwarfs from The Sozzled Parrot. He grabbed a dwarf and took his LEP helmet. The dwarf trimmed the weight while Butler was holding onto him and nearly landing in a gyrocopter blade but Mulch, who was inside the gyrocopter, saved them by tipping them in and knocking out the others. They then traveled to the Atlantis Ocean.

Reunited with Artemis

Butler temporarily lost trust in Artemis but quickly forgave him when he docked their shuttle with Holly's escape pod. They then drove to Atlantis so Artemis could search for clues. Artemis found an amorphrobot core while narrowly escaping a giant squid. They were kidnapped by Turnball while searching for amorphrobot trails. They were taken to the underwater hospital. Artemis and Holly were branded by Turnball and Holly was commanded to capture N°1. They escaped thanks to Mulch and Foaly and Butler kicked the dwarf who was holding them hostage's behind. He was knocked out in the chute connecting the ship and the hospital and missed the elegant ending. He made a call to Angeline and went to watch Juliet wrestling with a Jumbo Pixie.

The Last Guardian

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During the events of The Fowl Twins

Butler was not very involved in the Fowl Twins, though Myles did think of a funny thought involving him towards the end of the book. He is currently on Mars, having accompanied Artemis on his journey in the spacecraft Artemis built himself. It was hinted that Butler was highly reluctant to follow Artemis into space, but did it all the same.

Physical Description

Butler's appearance in Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel.

In the books, Butler is a man of European and Asian descent, described as "the essence of understated efficiency", with his shorn hair and black Hugo Boss suit. He is an Asian-looking man (at one point being able to easily pass for Chinese) with a massive shaven head, narrow nose, full lips, and eyes such a dark shade of blue they are almost black. He stands at almost seven feet tall; has muscles like a Michelangelo statue; a barrel chest "hard with muscle, scars, and tension"; arms strong enough to break a bear's back; "mammoth" hands that are the size and approximate shape of spades; and speaks with a voice worthy of thunder itself. He also has a blue diamond tattoo on his shoulder, which he earned at eighteen for graduating from Madame Ko's Personal Protection Academy.

In Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, Butler's hair was turned partially grey (it is unknown what color his hair originally was in the books) and his face is marked with age lines. While the older features granted to him by the aging process from his healing were masked at the end of The Eternity Code before the mind wipe, his mind and body are still wracked by the effects of his rapid aging.

In the graphic novels, Butler is depicted as an extraordinarily large man with the bulk of a steam train, a thick neck, and pinched facial features set between a prominent brow ridge and a long chin. He also has a headful of close-cropped white-blond hair, contrary to his clean-shaven presentation in the books.


Butler is a man of honour with a soldier's brain, but underneath the layers of toughness and intimidation he does have a big heart. He cares deeply for his sister Juliet and has gone against the code of bodyguards and has become emotionally attached to Artemis II, feeling he is like the younger brother or son he never had. He also has a strong friendship with Holly, often acting as something of a paternal figure for her, and managed to bond with Julius Root due to both having years of experience in their jobs as protectors. Despite being trained to dispose of anyone that could threaten his principle, Butler prefers to rather harm or scare people instead of going all the way and killing them. He is also extremely loyal and has always stood by Artemis's side to the point of his loyalty nearly breaking. He is also always giving Artemis extra information on enemies, places, and also how to survive in different situations.

Butler appears to be a man who does not scare easy as his first feelings of fear and astonishment since his first day at Madame Ko's academy was when he first laid eyes on a troll, despite having been on numerous terrifying adventures such as safaris involving dangerous animals and being involved in dealings with the Russian Mafiya. While Butler is a man of integrity and Artemis's certain dealings have gone against his Asian code of honour, Butler will never let it stand in the way of his duty and will follow his orders from Artemis no matter what, though he has been pushed to his limit more than once.

In times of stress, Butler either grips or cleans his Sig Sauer handgun for comfort and also has a habit of snorting before delivering a deadpan line. In his free periods before getting involved with demons, Butler occasionally read romance stories when he had time to himself. During his three-year wait for Artemis's return, Minerva Paradizo helped him bolster this until he developed a passion for reading and explored more genres. He also dislikes "shoot 'em up" films as they remind him too much of real life, and prefers romantic comedies, his favourite of which is Some Like It Hot.


Butler is described as being one of the most dangerous men in the world. In times of distress when Artemis or Holly is in immediate danger, he can summon the strength to deliver "a blow that would have felled a medium-sized hippopotamus" and run at a speed that would've shamed an Olympian. His sheer bulk also allows Butler to withstand blows that would be lethal to an average person. He is well-known around the world as one of the strongest men and the third most-skilled martial artist alive, and is able to take out any enemy, large or small, with apparent ease. His strength combined with his intimate knowledge of the human body makes him as dangerous unarmed as he is with a weapon, his fists being "perhaps deadlier than the mace [he used to shatter a troll's jaw and tendons] had been."

Butler has been trained in Cordon Bleu cooking, a blend of several different martial arts including Cos Ta'pa, a martial art that revolves around the protection of the principle rather than the self, emergency medicine, and information technology during his time at Madame Ko's Personal Protection Academy. He is also fluent in several languages, is an expert lip reader and is a registered pilot for flying various aircraft during both day and night. During his second magical healing, Kevlar fibres were replicated in Butler's chest and, while not dense enough to be entirely bulletproof, it can withstand the impact of a small-calibre bullet. He also has a gut instinct that serves him well when potential threats are present and years' worth of experience under his belt.

He has apparently been hit by black magic in the last guardian and has a weakened heart.


Butler wields a variety of weapons that he keeps on his person to keep his master safe. As Artemis revealed to Nguyen Xuan in the first book, these include a nine millimetre SIG Sauer handgun (possibly a P226 due to the 13 round magazine capacity) in a shoulder holster, throwing knives in his boots, a two-shot Derringer pistol up his sleeve, garrotte wire hidden in his watch, three stun grenades in various pockets, and a "good old ball bearing cosh stuffed down his shirt."

In regards to weapons Butler does not keep on his person, he also has a dart rifle that had been specially tooled for a Kenyan ivory hunter that had the range and rapid-fire capacity of a Kalashnikov, which he bought from a government official after said hunter's execution, and a "neat" Beretta. When Artemis was ten, he also had a Japanese kodachi short sword for chopping up vegetables for a summer salad and a flamethrower he intended to use to make crème brûlée for dessert one evening. He also has numerous armouries kept around the world so he does not have to break any Customs laws by sneaking his weapons across the globe on trips away from Ireland. Most of the weapons Butler has, Artemis imagines, are either sharp or explosive, and so far he has not been wrong.

Butler has also shown skill with various weapons and armour one would not expect him to understand. In the first book, he utilizes a suit of antique plate armor, a "vicious-looking" spiked mace, and his own gauntleted fists "perhaps deadlier than the mace had been," in conjunction with his SIG Sauer handgun to methodically defeat the troll attacking Fowl Manor.

Butler also has a custom moonbelt given to him by Foaly to help him carry all of his fairy weaponry including several concusser eggs.


Domovoi Butler in the Artemis Fowl film

  • Butler was named after a guardian spirit in Slavic folklore. Ironically, the description of a Domovoi is rather similar to that of a dwarf rather than a giant.
  • It is said in the Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception that only three (later four) people know Butler's first name. The first is Juliet, the second is Artemis Fowl, the third is Madame Ko and the fourth is Butler himself. This is proved in Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code after Juliet's exam, she receives this message from Madame Ko: "Domovoi needs you." Juliet says, "You mean Butler needs me?" From this, you can assume that Juliet knows that Madame Ko knows Butler's first name, thus making her the third person.
  • It is also stated during Artemis Fowl:The Opal Deception that Butler dislikes smoking when he was looking for a tunnel Mulch dug he found two teenagers smoking.
  • Although Butler appeared in the Artemis Fowl: The Seventh Dwarf, his role is not featured in this article because The Seventh Dwarf is considered non-canon to the Artemis Fowl series.
  • In Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony, Butler managed to get Billy Kong arrested after remembering Foaly said Kong had murdered his partner with a kitchen knife in Taiwan when he was still Jonah Lee. However, when Foaly was telling Artemis Kong's back story, Butler didn't appear to have heard any mention of Billy Kong until Artemis enquired about him. Though it is possible that the young Fowl heir told him these facts during the trip to the Paradizos' chateau or at some other time.
  • In The Artemis Fowl Files, Butler said that his favourite childhood memory was teaching Juliet spinning kicks in the sandbox when he was a teenager. However, by the time Juliet was born, Butler would have been at least twenty-two.
  • Butler has suffered three near death experiences, including his actual death and revival in The Eternity Code and at least one close call in each book.
  • Although described as Eurasian in the novels and depicted as such in the graphic novels, Butler is African American in the Artemis Fowl film release. Regarding the change, director Kenneth Branagh stated that he always envisioned Nonso Anozie, who worked with him on Disney's live-action Cinderella, in the role and thus cast him as such.[1]


"Argh? Pathetic and inarticulate. Nice combination. Your mothers must be so proud."
―Butler insulting a group of dock workers.[src]
"Now before we get into anything, ladies, no scratching, no spitting and no tattling to mummy."
―Butler coaxing a group of dock workers into a fight.[src]
"Right, enough talk. I think it's time Mister Vassikin was introduced to my friend, Mister Fist."
―Butler, eager to rescue Artemis Fowl I.[src]
"Artemis, call me - Domovoi."
―Butler's supposed last words.[src]
"Just how long was I out?"
―Butler after seeing himself in the mirror as an older man.[src]
"I am not a pixie."
―Butler after learning fat from a dwarf's backside will be injected into his face.[src]
"Knock me out. Quickly."
―Butler after learning that fat from Mulch's behind will be injected into his face.[src]
"Illegal is always faster."
―Butler making a comment.[src]
"Tell me about it."
―Butler in response to Artemis calling himself "unique."[src]
"You certainly can pick them. I think I saw this place in a Bond movie once."
―Butler, commenting of the security of the Paradizo chateau.[src]
"No offence, young sir, but you could turn a Sunday picnic into an international incident."
―Butler after learning that Artemis would be staying at Fowl Manor.[src]
"Monkey business. My favourite."
―Butler after learning the lemur heist was still in action.[src]
―Butler before collapsing from a heart attack.[src]
"Artemis, a genius you may be, but leave the shooting to me, because you couldn't hit the backside of a stationary elephant."
―Butler commenting on Artemis's poor marksmanship.[src]
"I Just want to be there when Juliet stops faking."
―Butler commenting on Juliet's wrestling.[src]
"Foaly, your security sucks. When are you guys going to learn? A few years ago the goblins built a shuttle, and now you have convicts running your space program."
―Butler on Turnball hijacking Foaly's space probe control orb.[src]