Demon warlocks are imps with magic. Their magic is the strongest of all magics. Demon warlocks do not turn (warp) into demons, but remain imps instead (except for the case of N'zall, who gained his magic by force). It is mentioned that during puberty, when their powers first emerge, they can get lightning bolts shooting out of their fingertips,which was proven in the sixth book,when N.1 shot a lightning bolt at a mesmerized Butler .They are also extremely sensitive to their environment, which can cause them to throw up (as in the case of N.1 and Qwan when the time tunnel is unravelling in the book The Lost Colony). They are apparently capable of blowing an island in half if not trained. Traditionally they all had Qw names (Qwan, Qweffor, Qwerty) except for N.1, who kept his imp name as a mark of individuality.

N°1 also states that demon warlocks don't have chi, they have qwa, but he doesn't want to tell that to his master, Qwan.

Notable warlocks


  • The warlock name Qwerty (as mentioned in The Lost Colony) is actually the first 6 letters of a keyboard.
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