Demons are a family of The People.



Demons first existed as micro-organisms on the moon. During the Triassic period, the moon was struck by a meteor, and a chunk broke off and was hurtled into space. This chunk landed on Earth and the heat from the collision wielded the rock to our planet. This became known as the island of 'Hybras', and, over time, the micro-organisms evolved into Demons. This explains why Demons suffer from moon madness.


Ten thousand years ago, the fairy people fought the humans, or Mud Men, in the Battle of Taillte over the island of Ireland and lost. The demons did not want to move underground like the other seven Families, so the Demon warlocks lifted the island of Hybras, where all demons lived, out of time and into Limbo.


Seven demon warlocks combined their powers to induce the volcano on Hybras and use its energy to fuel the spell to remove the island from normal time. However, two demon rebels, N'zall and Bludwin, broke the circle and caused all of the warlocks to be transported out of limbo and back into normal time. Upon materializing, the warlocks were petrified through the Gargoyle's Touch by Qwan. The warlocks remained petrified over the eons, presumed by humans to be sculptures. In the end, Qwan and Qweffor were the only ones that survived.

For this reason, there were no demon warlocks left other than Qwan except for Qweffor, whose magic and consciousness was absorbed into N'zall and trapped within until Hybras was returned to Earth. Recently, N°1, a younger demon warlock, helped to bring Hybras back to the present time Earth along with Artemis Fowl II, Holly Short, Qwan, and Qweffor's consciousness.


Demons can be gray-green, red, green, and black, with gold eyes, chunky scales, and great horned ears. They stand erect at with an average height of 5 feet. Demons start life as Imps, who warp into fully grown demons usually between the ages of 9 and 13. However, if they are a demon warlock, they never warp and remain imps. It is implied that some demons may have magic until they warp, which is when they lose it. The most recently found warlock is N°1, who is very gifted and could even be more powerful than Qwan with time. Some imps/demons, especially warlocks, have runes inscribed on their bodies. It is also possible to warp from imp to demon using hate of humans and the urge to destroy them. This was proven when Leon Abbot urged the imps in school by ranting bad things about the humans and that the demons would destroy them. At that point, almost every imp evolved with the exception of N°1.

Notable Demons

Demon Gospel in The Book

"The demon scrolls tell of a warlock that will come to save our people, but I wouldn't rely too much on the scrolls. They also say that rabbits are the supreme beings and that the best cure for a sore throat is a poultice of dung and old socks. Hence trust the scrolls at your peril. There are however a few basic tips for survival in a demon tribe that might be helpful if you were a human, say, and had never actually met a demon before. Which is unlikely to say the least. If you were human you wouldn't be able to read this in the first place. So. Demon survival tips. First, never stab a demon with his own sword. This is the ultimate insult and will result in a vendetta that could go on for generations. It is fine to stab a demon with your sword - he will congratulate you for managing that, but only poor warriors lose their swords and then get stabbed with them. If the opportunity arises, give it a miss. Second, demons have a pretty comprehensive system of sign language in which buttock slapping features heavily. It is very important not to slap the wrong buttock. Never slap someone else's buttock unless they stab you with your own sword - that is considered very bad manners. And learn the difference between the left-buttock slap and a right-buttock slap. If a passerby aims his buttocks at you and slaps the left one it means that there is a full moon due that evening and he hopes you will join him for the traditional hunt. If he slaps the right buttock it simply means that you remind him of his right buttock. You can see where problems could arise.

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