"Relax, Holly. I'm a sprite. No one can hit a sprite."
Chix Verbil (Shortly before being shot in the wing) [src]

Chix Verbil is a Sprite, who, like most male sprites, thinks of himself as irresistible to women. He is a private in the LEPrecon. He also tries to impress Holly Short in The Arctic Incident.


Like most minor characters, Chix Verbil's personal history is not known. He appears in Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident and Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception. He is a member of LEPrecon and a friend (though he would say boyfriend) of Holly Short.

In Artemis Fowl, Chix is present only briefly, as the sprite operating the troll's cage during Briar Cudgeon's brief stint as Commander. He also is one of two fairies guarding the gold from the Siege of Fowl Manor, but he fails to do so, because he is too busy laughing at Commander Root. Mulch Diggums steals two dozen bars and escapes.

In The Arctic Incident, he is on lookout duty with Holly Short in chute E37, looking for goblin smugglers. When Holly instructes him to do a flyby thermal scan, he is shot in the wing by goblin snipers (using illegal Softnose Lasers), and is healed by Holly before she takes off after the goblins. However, this means the end of his flying days, as the puncturing of such a large organ renders the wings useless. Apparently hovering doesn't count as flying because later in Opal Deception Chix was hovering when he met Mulch.

In The Opal Deception, he appears to interrogate Mulch Diggums when Mulch allows himself to be captured at chute E1. Mulch proceeds to tell him that Opal Koboi is back, then fakes an attack and robbery of Chix's access chip to the LEP shuttle so Mulch can make a getaway. His final appearance in the series is when he tells Foaly about Opal's escape.


"Yessir. Off its damn hinges. That's a roger.


―Chix Verbil, Artemis Fowl (book)
"I wouldn't wanna be that Recon babe if she gets in the way of this.


―Chix Verbil, Artemis Fowl (book)
"Don't worry, Holly. The Chix man will keep himself in one piece for you.


―Chix Verbil, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Chix rank mistake

In Artemis Fowl Chix's rank is Captain, but in The Arctic Incident, his rank is Private.

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