One of Jon Spiro's many muscled body guards and the partner to Pex, Chips was big and dumb, a dangerous combination.

In the job interview, they had been set one task and one task only. A hundred applicants were handed a walnut and asked to smash it however they could.

Chips had opted for the more controversial method and had placed the walnut on the table. He had grabbed the interviewer by the ponytail, and used the man's forehead to smash the nut.

He was hired on the spot.


  • Chips got his name from eating a lot of potato chips.
  • He says "I dunno" a lot.
  • He had an Uncle Robert and everybody called him "Bobby". Chips, being as unintelligent as he was, didn't understand why.
  • He likes to buy Barney DVDs with the money he earns.

Chips (as well as Pex) was mesmerized and used in Artemis' plan to get back the C Cube.