Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl

Centaurs are one of The People and are a species of fairy that are half horse, half humanoid. There are fewer of them than other fairy species. They are known to be the smartest of the fairy races, but they lack magic.

It is not certain if Centaurs of official fairies as in the second book of the fowl twins, Foaly says, we are not official.


With such gifted brilliance, centaurs also have a bit of paranoia. It can get to the point were they wear tin foil hats to ward off "brain probing" magic that could steal their ideas or read their thoughts. This has been displayed by Foaly, especially in the first book. They are generally harmless, but will sulk if you criticize their latest invention, mess with their hard drive or borrow their hoof moisturizer without asking.

Centaur culture also allows male centaurs to have more than one wife. While it is said that this is part of the culture, some wives or husbands remain single or as only one couple.

Physical Appearance

A centaur is a species within The People, and are half horse, and half human. They have the horse's body, but not its head. They have the torso and head of a human in place of the horse's neck and head. They are larger than any of the other species of The People.

Notable Centaurs

The following are the only centaurs mentioned in the series.

The Eight Fairy Families: