Caballine Wanderford Paddox Foaly is a centaur who works in PPTV, and is a sculptor for a gallery. She is Foaly's wife, and a big fan of some of Foaly's inventions, namely the Mood Blanket, made specifically for centaurs. Caballine usually jogs with Foaly every evening.

It is revealed in The Time Paradox that she married Foaly during the 3 years Artemis and Holly were gone. It is traditional for Centaur males to take more than one wife, but Caballine discourages Foaly from doing so. Her name may be a reference to the Spanish word caballo, which means "horse".

She met Foaly in Police Plaza when one of his inventions identified her as a Goblin bank robber. She was ridden (the ultimate ignominy for a centaur) back to Police Plaza, where Foaly went to apologize to her. He was struck dumb by her beauty, and then was asked by her on a date.

Holly Short is a good friend of Caballine, and they meet regularly at the spa. In The Atlantis Complex, it is mentioned that she is a mother, Therefore she and Foaly have kids.

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