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"My first duty is to fairy-kind, No, scratch that. My first duty is to myself. Because if one can't be true to one's own beliefs, then one isn't much of a fairy, now, is one?"
―Briar Cudgeon[src]

Briar Cudgeon is a Major in the LEP, and a secondary antagonist in the Artemis Fowl film. Cudgeon is the leader of the LEPRetrieval team tasked with rescuing Holly Short. He conspires to usurp command of LEPRecon from Commander Root. A disgraced ex-commander, he was court-martialed and imprisoned, but granted a pardon.


"You will infiltrate Fairy Command on my behalf."
"I spy?"
"You spy or you die."
―Opal Koboi and Briar Cudgeon[src]

He was imprisoned in a lonely cell following a court martial, possibly at Howler's Peak. Opal Koboi appeared before him, standing in the shadows, and he asked if it was about his appeal. She told him that he would be a commander again, with all charges against him dropped. She continued that she had convinced the executors to grant him a pardon and that Commander Root was powerless to stop it. He asked who she was, if she was his "fairy godmother." She agreed that this was true, saying that only now he worked for her. He was to infiltrate Fairy Command on her behalf and see to it that Artemis Fowl Jr. brought her the Aculos.

Cudgeon next appeared in the command center of LEPRecon, where he questioned Commander Root's decision to send Holly Short to the surface to investigate a runner. He asked if it was really the best they could do, to send the daughter of Beechwood Short. She replied that he wasn't fit to say his name, but he continued, telling her that Beechwood Short had used his magic to steal the Aculos, thus making him a traitor. She then ordered him to get out before she threw him out and he warned her that the executors were watching her. He told her that he was their eyes and ears and saw everything before leaving. Later, after Holly Short went rogue and was kidnapped, he again appeared to needle Root, asking if she was losing her touch and telling her if the executors found out, she would be finished. Root then grumbled to one of her officers "Get the four leaf clover out of here."

After Mulch Diggums discovered the Aculos in a safe at Fowl Manor, Cudgeon called Koboi to inform him of it. She told him it was as she expected and he knew what to do. He replied that it was risky, as Root had her entire army at her disposal. She told him that it was quite simple, that if he wished to survive and thrive in her brave new world, he would intervene. He then stepped before Commander Root, telling her she was officially relieved of her command on the authorization of the executors. She warned him he was making a mistake, but he answered that his only mistake was not doing this a long time ago. He said it was time for a little direct action and he would show her how it was done. He then revealed his trump card, asking her if he recognized their new recruit, a troll with Holly Short had engaged with earlier. He told her that they had fed it a potion of nettles and wasp juice, everything that trolls were allergic to, so it was twice as strong and ten times as mad. He then sent the troll into Fowl Manor, but the plan ultimately failed, as those inside managed to knock out the troll. Afterwards, as the time freeze placed over the mansion was breaking down, Chix Verbil pleaded with Cudgeon to allow his squad to restore Holly Short's magic, which had been blocked. He refused, saying that she was a traitor. Verbil then turned to Commander Root, and she told him that she hadn't made him a captain for nothing. Cudgeon warned him not to dare, but he shouted for his squad to unblock Holly's magic. With this, the last remnant of Cudgeon's command and power came to an end.


Briar Cudgeon, Commander Root and Sky Willow

"Can this possibly get any worse?"
"Good afternoon, Commander.''"
―Commander Root and Briar Cudgeon[src]

In a deleted scene, "Negotiations," Briar Cudgeon appeared to greet Commander Root just after Artemis Fowl tells the LEPRecon forces to send someone in to negotiate. He commented that she was surely not going in to negotiate, saying that he had half a mind to report it. She snarkily replied that they would all agree that he had half a mind. He told her that they never negotiated, that they should attack and destroy them, asking what was wrong with her. She told him that she didn't have to answer to him and he asked if this was really true, telling her that she had better have Short free by the time the executors arrived. She asked what would happen if she didn't, and he told her that he would take command and they would declare war. He then left the command room.

In a later deleted scene, "Any Ideas, Commander?" he had both Root and Sky Willow trapped in a force field and appeared to sarcastically ask if Root had any ideas. Sky Willow said she had no response from Short and Root commented "Death is coming."


Briar Cudgeon needling Commander Root

"Dear me, Root. Are you losing your touch? Errant trolls? Abducted fairies? Whatever next? If the executors find about this, you'll be finished."
―Briar Cudgeon needling Commander Root[src]

Briar Cudgeon is a "complete opportunist", who takes every chance he can get to advance his own position in life, often at the expense of others. He is envious of Commander Root's position at the head of LEPRecon and believes that he would be better suited in the leadership position. Cudgeon is easily rattled, and when he finally attains the power he is seeking, he does not use the power well.[2]

"He is really not a fan of humans, and any opportunity that comes his way to humiliate and defeat them, he'll grab with both hands!"
―Joshua McGuire, actor for Briar Cudgeon

Cudgeon has a strong dislike of humans and some other fairy species, such as Centaurs.[3] He considers the prospect of working with humans to be unacceptable.



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