The Biological Bomb, also known as the 'bio-bomb' or 'blue rinse' is one of the centaur Foaly's inventions and arguably one of his deadliest weapons.

The bio-bomb is typically used to neutralize biological life while all inorganic matter intact. It is a last resort used by the LEP when all other methods of have failed. According to the books, the active agent is short-lasting radiation (or light), which is focused at a certain radius. It is also said that the radioactive element utilized in its core is solinium 2, which has a half life of fourteen seconds. The bio-bomb is a very accurate 'smart bomb' which proved itself capable of sailing straight through the window of Artemis' third floor suite at the Kronski hotel when he is attacked at the start of The Opal Deception. The clever thing about the bio-bomb is that it only attacks living tissue and its explosion releases pure radiation, but no heat or shockwaves, this coupled with the fact that the casing is vaporized upon detonation (which according to the books is due to the fact that it is created out of plastic alloy) makes the cause of death for a victim indeterminable, allowing the LEP to use it above ground in emergencies without any risk of people suspecting anything other than natural causes. It also unlike human nuclear weapons doesn't contaminate the surrounding environment, allowing LEP agents to search areas just after few minutes of detonation. It does however leave behind "Solinium Flares" which generally last for a few hours.


It is used three times in the series, once in the first book (by Commander Root) and twice in the fourth book (by Opal Koboi). In the first book, Foaly sets up time stop towers around Fowl Manor, effectively holding the grounds and everyone within trapped in time. Then the blue rinse is unleashed, creating a cleaning blue blast that destroys all life in the selected area. In the fourth book, it is used by Opal Koboi in an attempt to kill both Artemis Fowl and Butler and then shortly afterward another one is used in an attempt on Holly Short's life.


  • This is quite similar to the Defoliator Cannon in Star Wars.
  • This is also a kin to the real life neutron bomb, which has a similar effect and purpose, though is of a lower degree of efficiency. In fact, this is a much better comparison than the above, which is primarily a fire blast, and not radiation.
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